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In the market there is a very diverse range that includes decorative Lights, study Lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, floor lights, outdoor lights and even special lighting for children's rooms; indifferent and varied styles according to the method you prefer: modern, contemporary, retro, minimalist, rustic, rural, colonial, vintage, and many more.

Ceiling Light is one of the most used Lights in the world, to provide general lighting to your house, an office, a commercial establishment, a public space, and among other places. Also, offering a wide variety of design to adapt to any room of any style.

Various Types of Ceiling Lights

Suspended or Hanging Lights

They are a type of Lights proportionally simpler than chandeliers and have fewer lights. They are usually used in smaller environments to focus the light directly to a specific place, such as a table or somewhere that needs its lighting.

Dining Room Lights

Hanging Lights are especially recommended to place them on the dining room table, and that illuminate the dishes while creating a very suitable environment for a pleasant meal. When the table is round, the correct thing is that the pendant Lights is low and more significant. For elongated tables, three or even five smaller hanging Lights can be placed.

Downlight Lights or Recessed Lights

These types of ceiling Lights consist of spotlights or recessed lights in the downward direction. These Lights illuminates directly and horizontally downwards, concentrating their light in a single point and preventing the light from expanding throughout the rest of the room. Generally, these downlight Lights fixed to the ceiling wrapped in a reflector to concentrate the beam of light towards a rather small area with a very particular illumination.

Designer or Modern Ceiling Lights

Design objects increase the style and elegance of the interiors, with unique decorative details in modernity and elegance. Design Ceiling Lights or Modern lights usually elaborate structures that provide lighting in a very original and unconventional way. Exclusively for interiors, with materials ranging from the most technological to the most natural, with handmade processes and with innovative applications, which make the light source the Lights structure itself.

Tiffany Lights

Tiffany Lights are a type of ceiling Lights that are characterised by their structure and combination design of many crystals of different sizes and colours. These original ceiling Lights made of high-quality coloured gems, which meticulously fixed in a metal frame that forms the lampshade. Also, Tiffany lamps are designed to use LED technology lights, classic or energy efficient.

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