CAT Sunglasses Australia is an essential accessory in the summer. They are not only able to add zest to the image but are also an excellent protective tool for sensitive eyes. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the materials used to make the sunglasses must be of high quality. Otherwise, you will not avoid harmful effects on the eyes.

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Now we will discuss why Sunglasses are essential to carry in the summer. Usually, the body itself protects the organs of vision from exposure to harmful radiation with the help of melanin structures, but over time, the body produces less and less melanin. By acting on the eyes, harmful solar radiation may be responsible for the development of cataracts and other eye diseases in humans, and reduce the performance of visual analyzers.

Sunglasses Tips

To ensure that ultraviolet light does not penetrate low-quality lenses of glasses, carefully study what material they consist of.

Polycarbonate lenses block two types of ultraviolet rays, which is an excellent protective barrier. Glass lenses also protect well from the adverse effects of the sun.

But the colour in which the lenses are painted does not matter at all. It happens that light lenses are many times superior in their characteristics to similar glasses with dark lenses, only because they are made of better materials.

In dark glasses, the pupil of the eye expands, and if the material from which the lenses are made does not meet the requirements, an increase in eye strain occurs. If you abuse the wearing of such low-quality sunscreen accessories, you can provide yourself with a significant reduction in visual acuity and achieve clouding of the lens.

Pay attention to the presence of markings on the glasses; in some cases, certificates of compliance with all necessary standards additionally attached to expensive models of glasses.

For quality glasses, an instruction attached in which the protective level (level of transmittance of ultraviolet rays) indicated. In addition, the product information booklet should contain information about the brand and country of manufacture. It also describes product care rules.

CAT Sunglasses with polarization and photochromic functions.

Glasses with polarization make the picture “clear”, and wearing glasses is comfortable, as they block sunglasses reflectivity from water bodies, snowy and icy places, and wet surface.

Such glasses will become favourites for car drivers, people with already undergone operations on the organs of vision, the elderly and people who like to relax by the ponds.

The lenses of such glasses are adapted to a changing level of lighting and do not cause discomfort during a sharp change in the level of illumination.

Photochromic lenses change the amount of light transmitted through them at different levels of ultraviolet radiation. For example, glasses with a chameleon effect darken in bright light and brighten when the light level is lowered. There are also combined lenses - with the effect of photochromic and polarization at the same time.

So, in conclusion, we are going to say that CAT Sunglasses are one of the best eyewear brands that offer quality and design at the same time.