Transporting your cat can be complicated if you don't have the right equipment! Above all, the animal should not feel uncomfortable, or not be in complete safety. This is why you must buy a cat cage, crates, and carriers in Australia with dimensions adapted to your kitty. So, whether it's for a simple walk or a long trip, your pet will not feel in prison.

Price and Availability

Getting around with your cat is not always easy, especially when it comes to taking a long trip. It is intending to facilitate these trips with your pet that suitable devices have been designed, in this case, the transport cage for cats. There is a wide range of Cat Cages, Crates and Carriers Online in Australia are available. The price of these transport cages and crates varies according to the size and model. Well in general, Cat Cages, Crates and Carriers price in Australia ranges from 50 to 1000 AUD depending upon the size, shape, design, and material of the cage.

Types of Cat Transport Cage

Plastic Boxes:

To keep your cat in good condition while on the move, give him this transport box from Trixie. Resistant and practical, this cat cage meets all the criteria to be the best means of transport that your pet has ever had. Starting with its plastic material which offers incomparable strength.

Besides, this crate puts your cat at ease by providing them with optimal comfort thanks to its storage bin and its folding opening on the top to pet and reassure your animal during the movement. Equipped with a handle, this plastic cage has a ventilation slot for good air circulation. A quality and reliable product at a lower cost.

2 Door Transport Box

What a joy to finally find quality and practical products at a low price like this cat carrier. This cat cage is a great option for providing comfort and safety to your pet while traveling and on the go. In addition to being aesthetic, this cage exudes a feeling of quality thanks to its sturdy design.

As for the features, this cat carrier has 2 doors, one on the front and one on the top which can be opened to the left or the right. Also, this cage is easy to clean and easy to store.

Foldable Crates:

Foldable Cat Crates model that is sure to delight all owners who want to take their cat on vacation. Very easy to assemble, this crate has a large door to facilitate the entry of your cat as well as folding fabric windows for better ventilation. Inside, it has a bottom with a cushion in imitation of lambskin for optimal comfort. With its neat finishes, this foldable transport crate is not bulky and remains very easy to clean. A product that is not likely to disappoint you.

Choosing Criteria for a Cat Cage, Crates, and Carriers

The choice of luggage to transport your cat bag or cage depends first of all on the size and weight of the animal. Reserve the bag for animals weighing less than 8 or 10 kg, beyond a cage is more appropriate. Then comes the question of the means of transport. If to take the train with your cat, travel by car, bike or on foot, the flexible bag may be very suitable, to take the plane you will have to buy a cage without which you will not be able to board.

Also, consider the comfort of your cat. Usually, a cage has ventilation holes through which the cat can breathe outside air. This can increase its comfort. You can also arrange a cozy nest inside the cage with blankets to reproduce the atmosphere that reigns at home as well as extra bedding for long journeys. Finally, if your cat tends to move, a rigid cage prevents falls, especially by train. This mode of transport is also easier to stall than a soft bag.