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Casio Classic Black Analogue Mq241E Watch

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Casio G Shock Black Rose Watch GA400GB1A4

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Casio Pro Trek Smart Watch WSDF20 Black

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Casio AEQ100W1 World Time male Watch

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Casio G Shock Rose Black Digital Watch GA100G...

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Casio Pro Trek Smart Watch WSDF20 White

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Casio World Time AEQ200W1A male Watch

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Casio Ladies Gold Vintage La670Wga1Ur Watch

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Casio ProTrek Smart Watch WSDF20A Indigo

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Casio AE1000W1B World Time male Watch

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GSHOCK mens Automatic Watch analogdigital Dis...

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Casio Baby G Digital Gold White Watch BG69017...

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Casio W735H1A2 Light male Watch

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Casio GShock White Dial and Band Watch

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Casio MRW220HCM1B Black Resin Youth Watch

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G Shock Mini GMN 5001 B 3 JR Black Pink Japan

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Casio GShock Digital Red Watch GBA4004A

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Casio LRW200H4E4 Pink Resin Youth Watch

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CASIO Watch GShock GShock MTG Bluetooth Equip...

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Casio BabyG Pokefbfbdmon Limited Edition Watc...

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CASIO, which is a well-known Japanese giant across the globe for its timeless inventions, was founded in Tokyo, Japan, back in 1946 by Tadao Kashio (an engineer). It was nearly after the thirty years that Casio pitched in the watchmaking arena. It established itself as a leading iconic Watches manufacturer and hence, got an important place in the age of the global revolution.

Casio developed a new program during the eighties. It went on to sell the Data Bank Calculator watches, and together with these calculators, Casio Digital Watches also included data storage such as storing phone numbers, addresses, appointments, and names. This marked the origin of a new approach that was used in the future, even by other developers.

CASIO Categories

  • Watches
  • Electronic Musical Instruments
  • Calculators
  • Label Printers
  • Cash Registers
  • Projectors
  • Accessories and more

CASIO Products

When it comes to an extensive range of products, CASIO in Australia has got Aussies covered with plentiful watches, calculators, projectors, accessories, and much more. CASIO promises to provide customers with excellent quality products with state-of-the-art features. The company, at the same time, also maintains high-quality customer services too. Some of CASIO’s major products include:

  • CASIO G-SHOCK Watches

The shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch of CASIO stands for durability, born of designer Mr. Ibe's vision of “the development of an unbreakable watch.” More than 200 handmade examples were produced, and the first now emblematic G-SHOCK was tested for destruction until the first iconic G-SHOCK was finally formed in January 1983.

The seven elements are included in each watch named toughness, shock resistance, water resistance, vibration resistance, low-temperature resistance, gravity resistance, and electric shock resistance. Casio innovations and technologies pack the watch to protect it from the direct shock, which includes internal components protected with urethane.


CASIO manufactures hundreds of different calculators like Basic Calculators, Graphing Calculators, Fraction & Scientific Calculators, Desktop Calculators, Printing Calculators, Works Books, and more. They have a wide range of calculators that are designed to solve problems in science, mathematics, and engineering. The company’s top-rated calculators include:

  • FX-260 Solar II
  • FC-200V
  • HR-170RC
  • DR-120R-BK
  • DR-270R
  • HR-100TMPlus
  • DR-210R
  • MS-6CO
  • JV-220
  • DJ-120D

LampFree Projectors

Casio's LampFree projector portfolio combines the laser, fluorescent, and LED light in order to provide a mercury-free hybrid illumination that lasts for up to 20,000 hours while maintaining a high brightness level and minimizing maintenance costs. The four LampFree series is available for home, business, education, and commercial purposes-Slim, Core, Advanced, Ultra Short Throw.

PRO TREK Smartwatches

The smart line of Casio's PRO TREK watches is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Powered by Google's Wear OS, these watches feature a range of options, including GPS, Location Memory, Moment Setter, and more, which are idealized for outdoor adventures. In addition to the dual-layer LCD and water resistance, these timers also feature Casio's three-fold sensor technology. Casio's PRO TREK Smart line offers robust, stylish, and flexible garments that add to any outdoor experience.

How to Save at CASIO

CASIO is specialized in calculators and watches and offers a wide range of projectors and accessories at the best possible prices as compared to any other brand. CASIO offers you the possibility to buy your favourite product from the various categories. And you can save as much as you can when buying your favourite products using CASIO promotional codes. The company has many deals to make its loyal customers more comfortable, and its deals include the provision of a percentage reduction, dollars, and free shipping.

Furthermore, we have extracted hundreds of Australian online stores and retailers to Buy CASIO Products Online without any hassle. We also provide an informative price comparison platform for Australians to buy their desired watches or other products at unparalleled prices without spending money. You can easily look for the lowest price deal by using our smart price comparison tool.

It should be noted that buying anything through a price comparison does not only allow you to save money but also makes shopping experience relatively easy. So, what are you waiting for?