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Caribu Australia is one of the most authentic and leading manufacturer company for manufacturing the Horse Rugs and other Horse Accessories since 2006. Caribu has a versatile range of Rain Sheets, Mesh Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Cooler rugs, under and Stable Rugs, Polycotton rugs and other horse accessories.

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Caribu – Brand Review

Caribu and Bellaru's line of horse and pet clothing is based on over 45 years of experience combined with everything horse-related! Horses have been a way of life for us, our family and our staff for many generations. Thanks to this long-standing partnership with the sport, we know how frustrating it is to find good quality horse clothes, at an affordable price.

Caribu Australia is a national family business more than a brand that is based on integrity and good service with top quality products selling in Australia. The brand’s motive is so simple to offer the best products and clothes for the Horses that keep them healthy and offer comfort at an affordable price.

Caribu Australia controls the design and manufacture of our entire Caribu line of products and equestrian carpets, we are not just equestrian distributors. Since 2006, Caribu and Bellaru family clothing range become legendary for its value and quality and the rest is history now.

Horse Rugs & Clothes

Horse rugs are mainly used to protect horses from different weather conditions and climates. Choosing the right mat will help regulate your horse's body temperature and maintain a healthy condition. Horse rugs are designed to adapt to horses and always allow the horse to move freely in the paddock.

Most horse rugs have one or two chest straps that are attached to the front, with straps that intersect under the belly to secure the mat, they also have leg straps that wrap slightly around the legs at the back of the horse to prevent the carpet from slipping sideways.

How to choose a perfect horse Rugs and Clothes?

Choosing a horse rug is very important and there are many things to consider to help you make the right decision on a mat for your horse. Here's a basic guide to choosing horse clothes:

Caribu offers a range of different styles of horse rugs so you can choose to keep your horse comfortable and happy to protect yourself, your horse from flies and weather.

There are many different styles of horse mats for different types of weather and body types. In addition to several additions, such as fly masks, hoods, carpets and tail bags. There are many types of horse rugs, including:

Protective Rugs:

A protective mat will help protect your horse from adverse weather conditions, such as cold, rain, wind and snow, keeping it warm and dry.

There are several levels of protection and heat available on a participation mat and you should consider the living and grazing conditions of your horses, your cutting routine, weight, age and exercise level before you buy.


Horses that are equipped and live indoors will benefit from a stable mat that will provide warmth to a horse that cannot move freely to generate its body heat during the colder months. Light and stable carpets can also be used to help keep horses that live mostly inside clean all year round.

Cotton sheets:

Horses that go out in warmer climates will benefit from a summer sheet with UV protection. With a high cotton content, they are more naturally breathable to keep your horse cool in the sun and also help prevent peel discolouration, keeping it clean and dust-free.

Coolers and fleece:

Colder carpets should be worn after exercise when the horse's body temperature has increased. Using a cooler mat will help regulate the horse's temperature and prevent it from falling too quickly during cooling.

Knit or Mesh Rugs:

Knit or Mesh rugs helps horses to relax and enjoy their grazing as they prevent the flies and mosquitoes that ultimately irritate horses during the summer season.

When considering a horse rug, you should consider the following:

  • Condition & Breed of your horse
  • The weight of the rug
  • Strength of the fabric
  • Style
  • Size
  • Environment

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At our store, you can buy Caribu Products Online at an affordable and best price tag as our online store has an extensive variety of Horse Rugs & Accessories including Rain Sheets, Mesh Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Cooler rugs, under and Stable Rugs, and Accessories for riders as well.