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On Delay Relay, DIN Rail Type A1-A2 GRT8...


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Wells 20461 Diesel Glow Plug Relay


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Genuine Honda 36048-PC7-A11 Solenoid Val...


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Toyota 89516-48060 Skid Control Sensor W...


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56 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Fuse 4....


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On this page, you can find a massive assortment of Car Relays in Australia alongside a quick guide to get enough information about them and choose the one you need wisely.

Types of Car Relays

Some major types of car relay available widely on the market are named Solid State Relay, Electro-Thermal Relay, Reed Relay, Hybrid Relay, and Electromagnetic Relay, which is also called Electromechanical Relay.

  • Electro-Mechanical Relays
  • Fuel Injection Relay
  • Timer Relay
  • Flasher Relay
  • Glow Plug Relay

Commonly Used Car Relays in Automotive Vehicles

  • 4 Pin Relays

One of the most common and widely available Car Relays Online in Australia is none other than the 4 Pin relay as it contains two different circuits – primary and secondary and each of them further contains two wires.

  • 3 Pin Relays

The 3-Pin relay is the last since it is simple for you to grasp a 3-Pin relay if you learn the four and 5-Pin relay better. A relay with 3-Pins is a car-relay type with three pins. It operates on a four and 5-Pin relay on the same basis. Its core structure and functions are identical to the 4-Pin relay.

  • 5 Pin Relays

A 5-Pin relay is a vehicle relay type that contains 5-Pins. It is used mostly for circuits that require electricity while the relay is not turned on. In other words, a 5-Pin relay is mostly utilised in circuits when the relay is operational and does not require power. The design and pin configurations are different, but the essential function is the same.

The Purpose of Car Relays

Without a doubt, every single component of a vehicle comes with various purposes and car relays are no different. Different functions and purposes of car relays are as follow:

  • Reduce Voltage Drop

Certain circuits take quite a while to run properly, like a headlight vehicle or air conditioning system. It takes a few meters to wire the engine compartment from the dashboard. And everyone knows that the longer the distance of the wire, the more strength it will have. Therefore, a large voltage drop occurs and the component does not work completely well. So, we decrease the voltage loss by employing a relay.

  • Reliability

The objective of a relay is to enhance component efficiency by supplying the correct current level. Relay enables the element to work at a maximum degree of performance.

  • Control Many Circuits

The relay also has the function of controlling numerous circuits using a relay. One relay trigger activates one or more circuits with greater current. Without requiring a number of relays and wires, these circuits accomplish many jobs simultaneously. The automobile locking system is an excellent example. A single trigger causes all door locks to be locked or locked at the same time.

How Much Do Car Relays Cost?

The Car Relays Prices in Australia vary significantly as you can buy for as low as AUD 10 for a generic multi-purpose relay whereas a complex and direct-fit relay costs AUD 55. Paylessdeal provides you with an opportunity to go through a wide range of car relays on a single platform – offered by different online stores at various prices. Thus, you can easily compare the rates or get an advantage of various promotions and sales from the store to save even more. So, what are you waiting for?