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Surely the trailer hitch for vehicles is one of the most popular accessories in cars, by all citizens, whether they are drivers or not, since although we do not carry it in our car, we have surely seen on occasion, a neighbour or other motorist wearing the hook.

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Bushranger 58X22B X-Long Recovery Hitch...


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CAOS Bow Shackle, Hitch Receiver and Pin


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CURT 45794 Raised Receiver Adapter


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NIXFACE Universal Zero Turn Mower Traile...


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CURT 22272 Rubber Hitch Tube Cover


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MaxxHaul 70250 Receiver Hitch D-Ring (wi...


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TOPTOW 64122 Trailer Towing Receiver Hit...


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Eaz-Lift 48473 RV Bumper Hitch


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Great Day - Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch - Lawnmowe...


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CURT 13434 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch...


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Rugged Ridge 11580.11 Receiver Hitch


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Delta Cycle Original Bike Hitch


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JOYTUTUS Receiver Hitch Extension 12" fo...


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Rugged Ridge 11580.51 Black Receiver Hit...


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Ultra Fab Products 10-4202 Mini Weld-On...


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Tyger Auto TG-HC2J001B Hitch Cover Kit...


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MaxxHaul 80875 1-14" to 2" Hitch Adapter...


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CURT 22180 Plastic Hitch Tube Cover


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Trimax TRZ8PB Black 8" Powder Coat Drop...


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Toptow Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch Rec...


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EAG Universal 2" Hitch Reciever With Red...


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Reese Towpower 21556RAK 3-14" Drop Stand...


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Gekers 12 Inch Trailer Hitch Extension T...


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Reese 58207 Weight Distributing Hitch He...


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Trailer Hitch

The trailer hitch, also known as a tow ball or tow hook, is a device that allows towing trailers and, therefore, transporting bulky and heavy loads with a motor vehicle. The tow hook also serves as a base for the installation of other transport devices, such as a rear bike rack, and the transport of caravans. The trailer coupling thus combines the advantages of being able to transport large loads with the everyday suitability of a motor vehicle, since it is possible to unhitch the trailer when desired.

Tips for choosing a trailer hitch

First of all, you must take into account different aspects. Do you want a cheap or a premium trailer hitch? Are you looking for an inexpensive one or something more aesthetic?

If you want an inexpensive towing hitch, it is best to opt for one with a fixed and visible ball, which you can use frequently. An inexpensive but somewhat more aesthetic option is a removable ball tow hitch, which is easy to remove if needed. In this case you have two variants: the removable with tools and the removable without tools, which can be removed from the vehicle in just seconds.

Remember that, by law, it is not mandatory to remove the tow ball when not towing a trailer, although it is advisable to avoid personal injury or damage to the bumpers of other users.

Three Types of Hitches

Although there are various types of car ball mounts, hitches, and car towbar mounts, we are going to mention the three commonly used car hitches in Australia.

•             Fixed Ball Goose Neck Hitches

Fixed ball gooseneck hitches are the cheapest, but they are quite complicated, to be able to disassemble them, since sometimes, it may be necessary to go to a workshop to remove them.

•             Semi-Automatic Detachable ball Hitches

Then there are the semi-automatic detachable ball hitches, which are easily assembled and disassembled thanks to a lever that operates a shaft.

•             Automatic Detachable ball Hitches

Finally, the automatic detachable ball hitches, which, although they are the most expensive, are the fastest to remove and put on, and are also entirely invisible when not in use.

Buy Cheap Car Hitches in Australia

Before buying the car hitches, make sure to check the model and year of the car, and the compatibility of the Car hitches. Choose them wisely, from Australia’s best online store.  Discover and find all the car hitches accessories, ball mounts, hooks, trailers, winch, and other car accessories related to interior and exterior of a car at best and affordable price.