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The grille emphasises the look of your car and gives it its own identity. This is why it is essential to take care of your grille, just like any other body part on your vehicle. Damaged, broken or worn over time, it is sometimes necessary to replace your grille with a new and stylish grille. Choose from a wide range of lower and upper grilles as well as grille accessories grille, surround and grille frame. At paylessdeal.com.au you can easily find a wide range of Car Grilles & Grille Guards in Australia at the best price.

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The grilles or Grille Guards is opening located at the front of the car. It protects the radiator while allowing outside air to pass to cool the coolant and therefore the engine. Apart from that, these car grilles can make your car more stylish and attractive. You can even buy and apply Customizable Car Grilles. Car Grilles and Grille Guards price in Australia starts from 30 AUD. Here above, you can find numerous car grille Guards for your automotive vehicle.


The grille is for the optics of an automobile, an essential element, especially for its shape and colour. However, this function remains secondary insofar as the radiator grille was first invented to allow the engine to cool while driving. Through the radiator grille, the air is led to the engine utilising a switched fan. The air must pass through the electric ventilation of the motor, in particular in the event of low speed.

The radiator grille is a very stable component which can, however, be damaged in an accident or even an act of vandalism. Some drivers also change their radiator grille for aesthetic reasons, especially in the event of tuning. Some grilles allow you to change the optics of your vehicle radically. Some finally use a personalised grille, to obtain a unique look of their car. However, most motorists change their grille only when their model needs to be replaced for safety reasons.

It is relatively difficult to replace a radiator grille depending on the model you have. However, the grille must be fitted correctly. Otherwise, the vehicle body may not be protected in an accident. For an experienced auto mechanic replacing a radiator grille is a straightforward task that can be done quickly.

However, we invite you to order your spare parts directly from our online store to save money. You will find not only radiator grilles but also other spare parts like a new hood, new windshield wipers, new bumper, new brake hose and many other major auto parts for your safety.

The grille primarily plays an aesthetic role since it has a considerable influence on the design of the car. It is for this reason that there is a multitude of the grille with different shapes, sizes and materials. Indeed, car manufacturers pay special attention to the grille since it is this that will give an authentic look to the car. Additionally, the grille usually has the brand's logo on it, so manufacturers are thinking about how to showcase their logo without distorting the overall look of the car.

Types of grille

There are several types of grille that allow the automaker to improve and customise the aesthetics of the car.

Full hermetic plate grilles:

This is the most common grille these days because it offers better protection for the radiator and allows more customization on the design. On cars fitted with these grilles, the air intake is generally placed under the grille at the level of the bumper.

Grilles integrated into the front bumper:

More and more car models now integrate the grille directly into the front bumper. This makes it possible to improve the look of the cars and to highlight the brand's logo.

The grille as an extension of the hood:

The grille is then integrated directly into the continuity of the car's hood. This type of grille is used less and less.