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CAPERLAN Australia comes under the name DECATHLON that promotes its fishing accessories and is a brand strongly recognised in Australia. Caperlan accessories and equipment considerable recognition among anglers on the continent.

The French-based brand successfully developed the Caperlan for 12 years as it was founded in 2007. The headquarters is located in Cestas in New Aquitaine - a region located on the Atlantic coast, famous for its beautiful rivers and lakes.

Thanks to such a convenient location, the team has the perfect conditions to develop and test innovative and easy-to-use products that will give anglers the greatest joy of practising this sport every day. Caperlan has one of the best distribution networks in Australia, they know sport in every form, but they also know perfectly well what carp fishing is.

Caperlan WDS-5 breathable pants

Generally, at first glance, the WDS-5 Caperlan breathable pants do not stand out from other products of this type. The WDS-5 Caperlan breathable pants are made of PVC, which is an excellent solution for this type of product. It is a quite durable material that will successfully withstand several years of use. The upper part has a breathable three-layer material, which is designed to wick moisture away.

Looking carefully at the construction of the pants, attention is paid to reinforcements in sensitive places. It's about the knees. It is where the trousers are most susceptible to chafing, which is why the manufacturer used an additional layer of material here.

WDS-5 Caperlan trousers will prove themselves wherever fishing requires entry into the water, i.e. the coastal zone of lakes, shallow coves and further large and small rivers. It is important. However, that fantasy does not carry you. We have great possibilities when using breathable pants, but the imagination and head must work all the time.

Caperlan Skyrazer polarised sunglasses

The purpose of polarised glasses is known to most of us. In short, their leading role is to reduce the reflection of light reflections from the water, which makes it easier for us to look under the mirror of a river or lake. The advantages of this solution are especially beneficial for anglers and spinners fishing, e.g. trout in small rivers - it is much easier to find underwater obstacles in this way.

The whole body is made of plastic, both frame and glass. The glasses are very well fitted and do not have slack. The material is stiff and does not subject to deformation, which makes the product look very solidly built. To prevent stretching, the manufacturer constructed the frame and its connection with temples so that it was practically levelled. Pay attention to the sharp end of the frame; it ideally falls into a profiled recess after unfolding - a simple and almost a solution.

It is not a top-class product, but it meets all the assumptions of safe sunglasses and works well as polarised glasses. Affordable price and quality of workmanship are significant advantages of Skyrazer glasses.

Fishing backpack - Chest Pack Complete Caperlan

A lovely product that will undoubtedly find many fans among fishermen. Very high functionality and the possibility of use in various conditions and fishing methods.

The French company has designed its product, putting utility and functionality first. The backpack has two main sections in which you can fit large boxes and several additional gadgets that increase the possibilities of use in fishing. The bag with a vest is connected using a system of clips and braces that can be easily removed. Thanks to this procedure you get a handy jacket with two large pockets divided into several smaller compartments.

Braces, clips, zippers, elastic bands provide product quality. The whole looks solid and gives us a guarantee of proper functioning for several fishing seasons. The backpack itself is made of lightweight polyester material.

Due to the very high functional qualities, CHEST PACK COMPLETE is a product with full application. By manoeuvring single straps, obtain convenient use for you. It’s easy to unhook the vest from the backpack, but can still wear it on the back, thanks to it, you can keep larger bait magazines, a camera or sandwiches in the backpack, and can carry handy spinning equipment on the front flap.

Caperlan spinners

At one time, the spinner was the first choice bait. Today, it probably gave the lead to rubber lures. However, there are many spinning who do not part with the spinner. This time, spinners selected in sets designed for specific species of fish came under our magnifying glass. Everything prepared by the Caperlan brand.

Spinner is probably the universal spinning bait that you can successfully catch all predatory fish inhabiting waters. Many anglers also use best spinner to catch whitefish. Depending on the size of the plaque, with Caperlan lures, we can go for chub and egg, with slightly larger for trout or perch, and with models in size four and up for pike. The choice of a specific model of the lure, i.e. the shape of the wing combined with the body weight, will be able to fish in stagnant water, in a river with a free current, or streams with a large pull.

5 CAPERLAN Trouser and fishing jacket

Autumn weather forces many of us to choose the right clothes. Often, ordinary clothing fails in the wind and rain. Autumn is probably the period that most verifies the quality of fishing clothing. Of course, the details are essential, but at the same time, the quality of the material, the cut and general usability are of key importance.

Both the Caperlan pants and jacket are solid looking for clothes made of the same fabric. In many sensitive places, inserts made of additional, slightly stiffer material have been used, which is intended to strengthen, e.g. knees, elbows, legs or, but very importantly, buttocks. The jacket has several functional pockets, just like pants. Importantly - the pockets are very smartly cut, which ensures excellent ergonomics. Clothing has changed a bit, so it probably seems to be more up to date.

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Caperlan products are designed for anglers of various levels and using a variety of fishing techniques. A vibrant part of the offer is, among others carp fishing so popular in Australia. First of all, Caperlan has something to sell, the range is extensive, and secondly, prices will not drain the wallet of even a young angler. It is a recipe for marketing success and a chance for the Caperlan logo to appear strongly among Aussies carp anglers.

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