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With more than 80 years of experience, Canon Australia is one of the leading companies in the industry and blends innovative technologies with superior imaging capabilities. Founded in 1937, the brand; medical systems, industrial products, broadcasting and communication, business solutions and consumer products.

Canon Australia is one of the most recognized and respected companies in the world with over 200 branches and approximately 118 thousand employees manufacturing cameras, video cameras, lenses, printers, presentation devices, scanners, calculators, toner, paper and ink. The brand makes a difference in its field with its vision that keeps pace with the rapidly renewed change of the world of technology and its attitude that stands out from traditional methods.

The brand, which prioritizes consumer needs and satisfaction, can appeal to all segments and every budget with the products designed in this direction. The company combines its designs that do not compromise on quality with superior energy-saving technologies and attracts attention with its policy respecting nature.

Designing its products with high performance and efficiency awareness, Canon adds a new one to its production scale and presents elegant and modern designs with the latest technologies. Paylessdeal supports affordable shopping and customer satisfaction, bringing the latest Canon products with the most advantageous prices.

History from Kwanon to Canon

The name Canon carries the meanings of "Holy Scripture" and "a criterion or a rule of judgment." This name effectively captures Canon's entrepreneurial spirit, which aims to establish a global standard for advanced technologies and services and, at the same time, become a benchmark in the industry to which others wish to aspire. The fight for consistency in communication from day one contributed greatly to the global confidence that the brand enjoys today.

Canon Logo Evolution

Today, the Canon logo, with its bright red colour, is familiar to people around the world. However, it undergoes a series of changes before reaching its current form.

In 1933, when the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory established, the name given to the prototype cameras manufactured was “Kwanon”. The title “Kwanon” reflects the benevolence of the Buddhist goddess of mercy while the logo includes the word with an image of "Kwanon with 1,000 weapons" and the flames.

When the company decided to start large-scale marketing, it needed a brand name that is accepted by people around the world.

From this perspective, in 1935 the name Canon was registered as an official brand. The word Canon has a series of meanings, including scriptures, criteria and standards. The brand name was worthy of a company involved with precision equipment, where accuracy is critical. It also embodies the company's desire to meet world-class criteria and industry standards. And since Canon and Kwanon had similar pronunciations, the transition happened smoothly.

A designer specializing in advertising creates the original Canon logo in 1935.

The "C" was unique in its time, with its upper end curved inward, ending at a sharp point. This font style did not exist then in Europe or North America.

The “Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory” underwent several name changes before the approval of Canon Camera Co., Inc., in 1947. This change was significant in which the Canon brand and company names were first unified in his story. After further improvements, the logo used today perfected in 1956.

Canon Brand - Historical background

1933 - The birth of the company began with a laboratory for the development of equipment with high precision optics, based in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Its main objective was to create the best unique camera. In 1934, after many trial and error, the first Japanese 35 mm Kwanon camera released in the market. This was a serious bid for the direct competition of the existing German and American optics.

1935 - A registered trademark is Canon with the prospect of entering European and other markets, the task was to rename the brand in a more familiar sound for the European ear. The Canon brand, as we can now judge, turned out to be the right decision.     

1940 - The first Japanese X-ray camera (X-Ray) was established. In the early 60s. Canon began expanding into foreign markets by fundamentally reassessing its long-established production and sales management system. Having cancelled the monopoly approach to marketing its products, the company began work on creating its representative offices in countries whose markets were of significant interest. A representative office has been opened in Geneva. The export of X-ray cameras (X-Ray) begins. At the same time, Canon begins to develop optical fibre.   

1964 - The world's first ten-digit electronic calculator, called the Canola 130, released. At the same time, the new Tamagawa factory (now Tamagawa factory) produces cameras and 8 mm movie lenses. 

1965 - Canon enters the niche for the production of copiers by creating the Canofax 1000 and already in 1966 opens a representative office in the United States.           

1967 - In the 67th year, Canon entered with the slogan - “Cameras in the Right Hand, Business Machines in the Left.” The volume of exports this year grew by more than 50%. A representative office is opening in Latin America.        

1968 - Canon Business Machines Sales, Inc. founded in Japan Canon Amsterdam NV (now Canon Europa NV) opens. The original Canon NP System electro photographic technology developed, which allows Canon to take a strong position in the segment of tablet copiers. Canon Electronics launches mass-production copiers with four-pass printing technology.               

1970 – It marked by several discoveries at once: the creation of a tablet copier NP-1100 and the opening of production facilities for the first time outside of Japan - in Taiwan. In parallel, Canon Australia covers the market for personal calculators.        

1972 - Establishment in Germany of Canon Giessen GmbH - the first-ever European factory in Canon history. Creation of the world's first flatbed copy machine NP-70 using Liquid - Dry technology.     

1973 - Created the first Japanese full-colour tablet copy machine.             

1975 - Canon succeeded in creating a printer with laser imaging technology (Laser Beam Printer or the well-known LBP). French representative office opens - Canon France SAS  

1981 - The high-performance copy machine NP-8500 SUPER with a copy speed of 135 copies per minute released in 1981.    

1984 - Announced fax machines using laser technology. NP-9030 Digital Laser Copy Machine Released and also the world saw the smallest laser printer LBP-8 / CX. 

1988 - Creation of a photocopier using innovative Color Bubble Jet Copier A1 imaging technology, this year the sales of the Canon FAX 705 digital fax machine began.    

1989 and 1990 - These significant years for Canon described as "from Small to Great." Canon, guided by the needs of its vast target audience: from an individual user to large corporate companies, produces the first small laptop-sized inkjet printer - the BJ-10 series and long-life copy machines with a block resource of up to 5 million copies.        

1994 - The world's first full-colour copy machine with an automatic duplex printing device (duplex) - CLC 800 launched in markets in 1995.         

2000 - Canon launch the first digital cameras to print directly when the camera connects to an inkjet printer. The highly eco- friendly multifunction device imageRUNNER 3300 (or iR3300) released in 2000.         

2006- This year was one of the most productive in the history of Canon Australia. Innovative developments along with fundamentally new products made it possible to finally confirm the status of Canon among consumers as the creator of high-quality, intelligent, sometimes going one step further in time.

The PIXMA MP600 multifunctional device with the latest Easy-Scroll Wheel technology released. Finally, every owner of a digital camera got the opportunity to have a compact photo printer SELPHY ES1, allowing you to quickly and accurately print your photos.

And professional photographers and printers, thanks to the large-format printer iPF 9000 with a 12-colour ink supply system LUCIA, were able to receive prints of unsurpassed quality in a format up to 60 inches! The imagePRESS C1 digital production system for large volumes of commercial printing has been released.

2007- 2019- From onward Canon Australia delivers the optimal performance and the highest quality products to the whole world. Keeping the innovation in design and technology the brand is still leading in the Camera market in 2019.

Always aiming for the better and attaching importance to the stylish and modern appearance as well as technical quality in the design of its products, Canon Australia stands out with its steps that protect the environment and society.

Canon Digital Cameras

Canon is one of the most preferred and acclaimed brands in the world of technology and it shows its difference with its camera models. Designed with the latest generation of technologies, Canon camera models attract all the attention with their connectivity options, functional features and memory.

Canon Compact Cameras

Compact cameras, suitable for any photographer, whether professional or amateur, can be carried anywhere due to their small size. Ideal for those who want to save space, compact cameras are preferred for their lightweight and practical use. Designed using the latest technology, the models combine DSLR-quality images with speed and durability.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the models make travels lighter and offer crisp and clear images. The Canon Compact camera offers the opportunity to shoot at all levels, with fast-response focusing and a 4-step stabilization that allows you to shoot without a tripod.

Canon DSLR Cameras

Taking the passion for photography to the next level, DSLR cameras are divided into models designed specifically for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals. Entry-level models aim to improve the creativity of users.

Professional Canon DSLR cameras offer superior image quality and lifelike frames, enabling high-resolution still images. The camera captures clearer frames thanks to its light-sensitive sensors, and can also make images clearer over long distances thanks to its lens features. Supporting serial photography, Canon DSLR cameras are among the most widely used professional cameras with their ergonomic design and excellent image capture even in poor lighting conditions.

With its USB and HDMI ports, the models can communicate with TVs or computers, allowing the pictures to be displayed on the giant screen. Canon cameras, which can be used for long periods with high-quality battery design, impress with their high performance and stylish and modern designs.

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