Canon EOS 200D Mark II Digital Cameras

Canon EOS 200D Mark II Digital Cameras

4 / 5 $604 - $1026

Brand: Canon

Model: EOS 200D Mark II

Megapixels: 24.1 MP

Sensor Type: CMOS

Processor: GIGIC 8

Weight: 654 grams

Screen Size: 3 inches

Touch Screen: Yes

Viewfinder: Yes

Maximum Shutter Speed: 1/4000 seconds

Timer: up to 10 seconds

Wi-Fi: Yes

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Canon EOS 200D Mark II Body Only Digital SLR Camera with LPE17


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Product Description

Canon released the newest DSLR camera, which comes under the name of Canon EOS 200D Mark II in Australia. Whereas in some of the other markets, it is also known as D250 digital camera. For the photographers who choose this camera, it will get convenience for the choice of DSLR lenses both from Canon and from third parties, want from a cheap to expensive price range also readily available. However, photographers must only buy flash from Canon brands and cannot use manual or third-party flash.

Price and Availability

Canon EOS 200D is available in three different colours black, white with grey grips and silver with brown grips. This camera is a beginner camera class because of its small size, and its lightweight is the only 402gram for the body, 654gram with 18-55mm kit lens. The first time users use this camera will be significantly helped because there are many automatic modes. All in all, it is a good camera for the wedding photoshoots. Canon EOS 200D Mark II price in Australia ranges from $700 to $1300 AUD. WE have mentioned few stores from where you can purchase this camera and compare the estimates to find the cheapest one.

Well talking about the features of this camera it has an APS-C sensor camera having a resolution of 24.1 Megapixels already supports touch screens both in changing settings or selecting focus points. Also, this camera has a screen that can be rotated forward, making it easier to take awkward angles.

In use, the viewfinder is very helpful for shooting in hot weather and saves more battery. To use the live view, there will be a short delay when taking photos because the camera needs to lift the mirror. The snap sound produced by this camera is also a little annoying if you want to secretly take pictures because it does not support silent shooting like a mirrorless camera.

The ISO range can indeed be selected from 100-25600 (can be increased to 51200), but for an acceptable range, I think the limit is at 800. But for needs that are only displayed on social media, for ISO 6400 can still be accepted. Where talking about the shutter speed of this camera, it is of 1/40000 seconds and comes with the built-in Wi-Fi.