Camouflage started its journey with a collection of only 22 pants back in March 2006. The company’s founder, alongside Gianluca Earth, started everything in a small room of only 50 Mtq. And given their ideas a shape and came up with a project of “Luxury Sportswear”.

In its early days, the project took on industrial dimensions thanks to the desire to grow, the determination, the excitement and the passion shown by the two brothers from the small local craftsmanship business. The "camouflage" brand is currently distributed in more than 250 boutiques and concept stores. Thanks to a philosophy based on quality, research, detail care and meticulousness. This brand has become recognised in the market as "ITALIAN EXCELLENCE."

Camouflage Collection

The company has a huge range of basic coloured textiles, denim and fabrics with yarn teas. The simple, straight lines and casual chic patterns are characteristic of the "Simple Capsulation" garments. A look that wisely and perfectly blends with each moment of the day enhances its unmistakably Italian touch by the details and accessories.

The Denim Women collection is elegant and modern and expresses itself through shapes, patterns, textiles and valuable accessories that enhance sophistication and elegance. Perl and rhinestone applications help make each pant special and beautifully feminine.

Camouflage Products

Though Camouflage came into existence with only 22 pants – but now, there is a huge assortment of products offered by Camouflage in Australia and other countries. Camouflage hasn’t limited itself to a specific kind – instead, it’s offering the broadest range of products at unmatched rates. The main products include:

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