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Cambro RFS6PP190 6 Qt Round Co...

$ 93.37

Cambro 6SFSPP190 CamSquare Sto...

$ 79.90

Cambro (RFS12PP190) 12 qt Roun...

$ 129.46

Cambro (SFC6451) Lid for 6 8...

$ 41.41

Cambro (18SFSPP190) 18 qt Poly...

$ 157.68

Cambro 64003 Standard Spout Ki...

$ 20.27

Cambro SFC6451, Clear, Li 6SFS...

$ 76.45

Cambro (66PP190 Sixth-Size Tra...

$ 37.92

Cambro 25MCCW441 Camwear? Meas...

$ 57.98

Whenever you go to any five-star restaurants or at any other hotel, the first thing you consider is the food presentation and serving. Your display shows your shop’s value. Once you have presented well in serving your customers in serving and taste, the customer is delighted and will surely be your regular customer.

Cambro Australia is a brand that helps you in all aspect of serving and adequately presenting the food. A vintage brand from the U.S with a futuristic approach is still leading in terms of Food serving products and other food-related accessories. Not only in the US or UK, but Cambro Sale in Australia is also generous, and that is only because of the brand’s motive of providing high-quality products.

Cambro History and Overview

William and Argyle Campbell, two brothers and the owner of Cambro Manufactures started their journey with the underlying goal to provide the best quality hospital food tray in 1951. Cambro Australia committed to excellence in the foodservice industry and provided the best quality products to its customers.

Right from its beginning, Cambro changes many things like it abruptly expands its product line, creating new methods for manufacturing and distribution while focusing on environmental responsibility.

From California, a single small factory, Cambro is now an international brand with a substantial international production and sale offices in almost all subcontinents (Middle East, Asia, US, and Europe). Cambro never leaves its track and keep its motive to produce high quality and value for money products.

Back in 2011, Cambro serves the world with its most elegant products in the food services business. It’s been 68-years now, and the company is now under William Argyle’s son that dedicates to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

Expanding their product line, Cambro in Australia offers all services in almost all sectors. From restaurants to the clinics and hospitals for their catering and food services, from educational food services to hotel services, Cambro manufactures the perfect products for all sectors for customer’s satisfaction.

Cambro Products Category

Following is the list of Cambro products in which this brand is offering marvellous and high-end products from its beginning.

It’s just a minor touch to the brand's product category, and it’s impossible to mention the categories products individually because for that you would fall into in-depth detail of each product category.

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