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Founded back in 1884, Bvlgari in Australia is a luxury brand which is known for its exceptional quality products like fragrances, watches, jewellery, leather products as well as accessories. Although it was founded in Rome Italy but distributing its products across the world through trusted suppliers and distributors including Australia and New Zealand.

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“The company’s actual name, however, is Bulgari but when it comes to Bvlgari, it’s a logo for the company.”

Whilst Bulgari supervises and carries out a majority of design, manufacturing, and marketing, the company is collaborating with other companies often. In 2001, a joint venture with Marriott International was formed by Bulgari to launch its hotel brand Bulgari Hotels & Resorts which is a collection of properties and resort destinations around the world. For instance, Bulgari eyewear manufactured via a licensing agreement with Luxottica.

In the decades, the generations of the Bulgari have established a distinctive style of vibrant colour, exceptionally balanced volumes and distinctive patterns that recognise the company's roots in Rome. While Bulgari has respected its cultural heritage, creativity has been implemented that revamps the rules of the world of gems and introduces new patterns that have stood out as symbols of contemporary fashion.

When it comes to the products offered at Bvlgari Store online, they have covered their customers with a handsome range of watches, unique and modern jewellery, fragrances, leather goods and a plethora of accessories.

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Bulgari Products

The company aims at offering you with a marvellous range of products under Bvlgari Sale in Australia. They are offering a wide range of products and promotions in all categories. And interestingly, Bulgari has achieved the highest quality standard in every single product. The following are some of the best Bulgari products:

  • B.Zero 1 Necklace

B.Zero 1 Necklace is a pioneering clarification of Bvlgari's artistic dream, which was influenced by the world's most famous Amphitheatre - the Colosseum. The very essence of jewellery beauty is called into question by its defining spiral here with gold stubble, underlining the unapologetic and innovative spirit of the symbol of fashion in Bvlgari. B.Zero 1 Rock 18 kt black ceramic gold necklace rose.

  • Infinito Wedding Band

The Infinito wedding bands influenced by the everlasting movements of the waves have a dedication that knows no boundaries, similar to the relentless power of the sea. Shape with never-ending wobbled lines which evoke the symbol of infinity, the rings celebrate a flame that lasts forever, a connection that goes beyond time flow, a love in its purest form and truly everlasting.

  • Divas’ Dream Watch

This DIVAS' DREAM watch combines the passion for colours and the sophisticated and elegant nature of Bvlgari with the strength of a natural gemstone dial with a delicacy of the collection's signature fan-motif. DIVAS' DREAM watch is a tribute to Roman unmistakable divas and radiant women, captured by the vibrant tones and sensual curves of Roma's ancient mosaics at the Baths of Caracalla.

  • Le Gemme Tyger Eau De Parfum

The stone that sees it all, the shimmering golden brown Tigers' Eye derives energy from the movements of the Earth and Sun. Tiger's Eye from India. Like the name of the fragrance, this luxurious pier is inspired by the great Indian warrior Shivaji’s fiery bravery, action, and mental strength.

  • Bvlgari Man Wallet

It's a wallet for yen in turquoise lizard skin shiny Orion and Nappa skin sapphire. Hardware and the classic Bvlgari pattern are plated in brass palladium. It's equipped with 17 credit card slots, two compartments for bills as well as four extra compartments. Seventeen slots, two compartments and four separate compartments of credit cards.

  • Octo Roma Watch

A distinct expression of bold architecture and absolute precision, Octo encircles Italian ingenuity in basic sophistication and Swiss watchmaking. Italian artists like Leonardo Da Vinci came to the fore in the 15th and 16th centuries when they produced exquisite and timeless masterpieces. Driven by the same imagination, Octo combines with exceptional mechanisms a special octagonal style, influenced by the Basilica of 310 AD Roman Massentius.

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