The Burberry brand is one of the oldest brands, which is manufacturing various clothing accessories. Every brand product is elegant and sober, which perfectly symbolizes the English style. Burberry's story begins in 1856 with its owner name Thomas Burberry. Over the years, Burberry has faced great success.

British fighters during World War I also wears the famous trench coat, designed by Burberry. After Thomas's death, his two sons took over the family company, which is still manufacturing goods. Burberry sunglasses in Australia are also very famous as many people who love to take a sunbath on the beach can use these glasses to look sassy and protect the eyes from sun rays.

Price and Availability

The brand is manufacturing different sunglasses for both men and women, which are of quality and saturated with refinement. These sunglasses are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and elegant frames, to vary according to desire.  Burberry glasses are available in different shapes to suit everyone's body shape. From the most classic to the newest, there's something for everyone. Burberry sunglasses price in Australia depends upon the type and quality of the frame. In general, it ranges from 100 to 600 AUD.


Burberry regularly renews its eyewear models and tries new colours to satisfy you such as Black, beige, brown or printed. Burberry glasses fascinate many celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles distinguished the mark of royal recognition twice.

The English fashion house has also been its official supplier since 1989. All the glasses are made up of high-quality material.  Everyone loves the lightness and durability of Burberry sunglasses. The famous tiles engraved on the branches give it an exquisite look. We have enlisted a few stores above from where you can select and buy Burberry sunglasses of your own choice.