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Bulova Watches Australia stand for quality and style awareness. The American-Swiss watch manufacturer mainly manufactures men's and women's wristwatches in a wide variety of designs. And yet every Bulova watch is a classic.

The American-based Bulova watches always have a balanced appearance and guarantee maximum precision and long service life. With such a watch on the wrist, men and women feel wholly anchored in their time. Bulova watches don't just work exceptionally precisely. They are also an excellent accessory for business and private life. Bulova embodies a sense of tradition and down-to-earthiness as well as modernity and sophistication.

Brand Overview

Bulova watches have a long tradition of high-quality craftsmanship. The brand manages to combine current trends and developments with a touch of nostalgia without any problems. The watches meet the highest demands in terms of design, artistry and reliability and offer something for every taste thanks to various collections.

Accuracy from an old tradition

Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova founded his watchmaking in New York in 1875. While he was making the watch case himself, he imported the watch movements from Switzerland. Later, a watch factory was founded in Biel, which Bulova's son managed and continued to expand.

The focus was on the production of high-quality wristwatches. The first Bulova watches had a slight rate deviation. Later Bulova concentrated more and more on the development of automatic watches. Bulova gained fame in the 1950s with its Accutron tuning fork watch. These particularly accurate electronic clocks were not only important for NASA's space missions.

Pioneer in marketing too

Bulova watches are not only known for their innovative technology and stylish exterior. Bulova also broke new ground in advertising. In 1941, Bulova broadcast the first television commercial in New York City. A Bulova watches shown for a whole minute.

But without their convincing quality, Bulova watches would never have been so successful. Bulova's early models are now traded as collector's items and still impress with their functionality. Bulova's classics are merely timeless and therefore, up to date.

Bulova watches - who is behind the brand?

Bulova watches started in Lower Manhattan in 1870 when an immigrant realized his American dream with a small watch shop. At the beginning of the 20th century, demand increased so much that J. Bulova moved his factory in Switzerland.

A few years later, the first men's wristwatches made, which sets with jewels. Bulova watches set the standards for international markets very early on. Over the past century, Bulova watches have also made a name for themselves in other areas, for example in collaboration with NASA or as part of Airforce One. Today, Bulova is still known for its high-quality watches and, thanks to exclusive models, regularly causes enthusiasm among connoisseurs.

Bulova Product Lines

Bulova watches are divided into different product lines and based on a masculine lifestyle in all its possible variants. The divisions "Military", "Sea King" and "Marine Star" should appeal primarily to sporty men who value a high level of functionality. Clear lines, helpful designs and gimmicks as well as dark colours go well with an active life.

Those who place more value on classic design and appealing design should concentrate on the products of the "Diamond" line, which are almost filigree and combine cool elegance with a sexy look. But Bulova watches also offer the right thing for nostalgics: The "Bulova Accutron II" refers to the first models that manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century.

Luxury watches & affordable watches

In addition to luxury watches, Bulova also produces high-quality watches in the middle price segment. Bulova watches for men impress with their extremely masculine, timeless and yet elegant design. They are robust without appearing heavy or clumsy.

There are classically simple models with high-quality leather bracelets, chronographs with metal bracelets, diving watches, quartz watches and exceptional precision watches. Several Bulova's watches operate under the Caravelle New York label, watches with extraordinary New York chic for style-conscious men, but also the fashion-conscious and stylish lady.

Elegant watches for women with high standards

The collections of Bulova watches for women surprise and delight again and again. High-quality models make the heart of every watch lover beat faster. They are both exquisite and exciting pieces of jewellery for the wrist that always guarantee a great appearance.

Diamond series watches, for example, are set with diamonds. Bulova's trademark is the tuning fork. She discreetly adorns each watch, alluding to 125 years of watchmaking. Bulova women's watches go well with festive clothing as well as high-quality everyday clothing. They are elegant and yet original. Understatement at this level looks good on every discerning woman.

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