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Bio-engineered supplements and nutrition, in short BSN, was founded in 2001 and has since become a world leader in the sports nutrition market thanks to its dedication to the creation of amazing nutrition and supplementary products for the Gym and sports lovers to look fit. BSN products and the brand itself have won over 35 sports nutrition awards over the past six years, more than any other company in the industry. This consistent performance of the brand has created tremendous worth and loyalty for the company, creating a loyal follow-up of consumers, athletes, and fans.

History of BSN

The scope and exposure of BSN are truly global, with products shipped to more than 40 000 retailers nationwide and distributed in more than 90 countries. Its wide range of products has always produced results, however, the majority of its products are sufficiently multifunctional to offer applications for a multitude of lifestyles and types of consumers, which distinguishes this brand from several competitors whose products do not have this mass appeal precious. Given its potential to operate in larger markets, BSN is committed to offering high-end nutritional supplements and beverages to a mass audience through expanded distribution channels and innovative partnerships. We have seen other nutrition’s brand that is working but BSN has its own worth.

BSN is one of the largest supplements companies in the world and the brain of NO-Xplode, the most used pre-workout supplement in the world. BSN now offers a wide range of protein, aminated and nootropic formulas. All your kit needs within a company. It offers various products that contain proteins, Pre-workout, recovery, and DNA series. Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition is a global brand of sports nutrition. The company sells a wide range of products, including the bestselling protein powder BSN Syntha 6. For a pre-workout supplement that will make you really pump, look no further than BSN NO-Xplode. Post-workout. These products help you gain your health back and make your look more beautiful.

Where to Buy

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