Brosa in Australia is one of the most famous furniture brands which is serving its products all over the country. Brosa was founded in 2014 by a team of businesspersons having a shared experience in technology, manufacturing, designing and manufacturing.

The CEO, Ivan Lim, created the company based on a personal desire to access unique, high-quality Brosa furniture in Australia online at a reasonable price.

Brosa uses a series of patented e-commerce technologies to create a unique customer shopping experience, upsetting the $13 billion furniture retail industry.

The state-of-the-art internal product design uses a combination of consumer preference data derived from human purchasing behaviour and healing, to create customised products and tailored recommendations that corresponding recommendations that add value beyond the traditional online retailing.

Brosa Showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne

Brosa store in Australia has two showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne, which gives online service to provide customers with a direct sense of the quality of their designs and to develop an affiliation with the brand.

As the leading online retailer, Brosa acquires most of its customers through online channels and seeks to drive growth through organic and repeated customer acquisition.

The spirit of the Brosa brand is to provide an exceptional shopping experience for design-conscious Australians looking for affordable, high-quality furniture.

High-Quality Products

Day by day, Brosa improves its products and add new advance furniture to their stock. True to its values of quality, choice, and accessibility, Brosa seeks to change the furniture and household goods industry, as well as the consumer landscape, offering an exceptional customer experience backed by thought.

Above all, Brosa wants to create a fantastic consumer experience, ultimately offering a better way to buy online Brosa products in Australia.

Brosa has built its business by providing a continuous browsing and shopping experience and helps with decision-making by giving advice and support throughout the customer's journey. As the owner of its supply chain, Brosa can deliver quality furniture at an excellent price.

Brosa Term

Brosa means "smile" the first brand's product was designed was inspired by the philosophy of the Icelandic region. Since then, Brosa has expanded its range, but the focus on creating new models and inspiration, affordable prices and unmatched customer experiences, both online and offline, remains at the heart of concerns. Brosa in Australia is changing the way and lifestyle of Australians.

Own Delivery System

Delivery is often a significant problem on the consumer's journey. That's why Brosa owns its delivery trucks and its team of drivers in the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas. This adds comfort and relaxation to the customers and reduces their tension because Brosa focuses on building high-quality products.

Why choose Brosa?

As technology is upgrading the same as the company is making changes and adding more high-quality products to their list. Each Brosa product has a serial number, which is attached to their online database, and quality is continuously checked from start to finish.

At Brosa, quality is not just a word; it’s the brands aim because it is all that customer needs.

But how do they will know what the customer needs? It’s all done by achieving a perfect balance between creativity and data. They are familiar with users’ needs and understand what customers want with powerful technology. Each step is improved with the software.

By using machine learning algorithms for inventory control, customers get the products they want in stock and are delivered on time.