Brawlout Nintendo Switch Game

4/5 $58 - $58

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Fighting, Arcade, Action, and Party

Release Date: December 19, 2017

Number of Players: Up to 4 Players

Publisher: Angry Mob Games

Developer: Angry Mob Games

Game Size: 3.1 GB

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Brawlout Nintendo Switch Game


Brawlout Nintendo Switch in Australia was released on December 19, 2017, which was developed and published by Angry Mob Games. Brwalout was initially launched in July 2016 for other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows. Brawlout can be played single and multiplayer modes; in a single-player mode, you can fight against the computer while in multiplayer, you can play it with your friends up to four players.

Game Synopsis

Brawlout is an explosive mix of platform fighting and traditional fighting gameplay. Unlike monotonous battles with an emphasis on defense, Brawlout strikes with lightning-fast combinations of punches and impressive acrobatics. Each Brawlout character has a unique fighting style. Already by the physique of a fighter, you can guess his strengths and weaknesses. At the moment, in the game, you can choose between six original fighters and two famous indie fighters.

Each original Brawlout fighter has three options with different characteristics, costumes, and even tricks. Given these options, 18 fighters are represented in Brawlout. Choose a suitable character and destroy opponents in the arena. In addition to the standard set of tricks in Brawlout, you can use unique combinations of punches. Regarding modes, in Brawlout, you will find everything you can expect from a platform fighting game.

Brawlout can be played in multiplayer, where up to four players can compete in team battles on the same console. In local mode, you can play on multiple consoles without an Internet connection.  Fight online with friends or other Brawlout players. Computer rivals are also available if you want to practice. Learn all the handy tricks in training mode or test yourself in the arcade towers. You can also play it as a single-player where you compete with the AI computer user to enhance your tricks and learn some new fighting combos.

Price and Availability

Brawlout was initially launched in 2016 for the other gaming platforms, whereas for the Nintendo Switch, it was released in 2017 and is readily available on various online stores. You can also purchase this Brawlout game from the official Nintendo stores. For your easiness, we have also mentioned a few links from where you can buy it at a reasonable price. For the cost, Brawlout Nintendo Switch Price in Australia is approximate of $10 AUD which is quite reasonable.