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For 28 years, Bravado Design in Australia, as well as other parts of the world, has been designing and offering stylish yet comfortable nursing bras that make nursing moms and pregnant women great wearing. The company came into existence when two Canadian women were unable to find a comfortable nursing bra. Every bra at that time was either comfortable – but ugly, or it was a kind of uncomfortable but look cute. After getting frustrated and unable to find the options, they decided to produce their own nursing bras by using the highest quality fabric and deep understanding of what a pregnant woman or nursing mom actually wants.

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They know every mom looks for a functional, fit, stylish, and affordable bra without compromising in any way, and that’s exactly what Bravado Design is all about. They have a handsome range of nursing bras at their Bravado Design Store online that are produced by focusing on beauty and comfortability. Hence, every nursing mom or pregnant woman can feel confident and supported in her breastfeeding.

What’s more? Their maternity and nursing bras provide a variety of high quality, extra-comfortable bras that will develop with you during your pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. A well-loved brand of mothers across the globe, Bravado Design is still excellently active in making it easier to withstand breast adjustments in connection with pregnancy and beyond. These bras can stand the test of time and serve you well after your breastfeeding journey is over.


The company aims to give you an unrivaled price under Bravado Design Sale against a vast selection of products not only in Australia but other parts of the world as well. They have various types of products under different categories while maintaining the highest quality. Some of the best products are as follow:

  • Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra

They are still looking for the right way to make breastfeeding. Moms told them that pumping could be so time-consuming, and most hands-free pumping garments as part of their breastfeeding trip are quite simply not suitable. The innovative concept of Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessories provides comfort, ease, and choices for mums. It tightly holds on the B-clips of the nursing bra.

  • Original Full Cup Nursing Bra

For pregnant women and nursing moms, the Original Full Cup Nursing Bra is a modern classic design. Either in her hospital bag or at home or on the go, it is a normal mom must-have. There's something in the heritage style moms loved since the beginning about the fun comfort of cotton (and the ultra-soft modality).

  • Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

The Seamless Body Silk Nursing Bra is a seamless and comfortable ultimate experience. It's the ideal nursing bra every day, at home and on the go. The luxuriously soft fabric moulds your changeable form so that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can wear it.

  • Body Silk Seamless Rhythm Nursing Bra

The Silk Seamless Rhythm Bra is a lovely and modern athletic bra with 4-way stretching and mottled cups that hugs your changing body. You can now experience pregnancy and maternity by doing activities that make you feel fresh and feel fresh again.

  • Classic Nursing Cami

The Classic Nursing Cami can be converted quickly from pregnancy to breastfeeding, long enough to cover a rising belly and combined with its easy to use baby B-clips. A smooth outdoor and clean lines flexible cami makes it a classic layering product. And there's a friendly built-in shelving bra underneath that's a little less to consider.

  • Ballet Nursing Bra

The Ballet Nursing Bra blends the utmost in softness with an adorable silhouette, constructed from Petal-Soft cloth. The ideal (long) nursing bra at home for (often too short) days and nights!

  • Invisible Nursing Bra

The Invisible Nursing Bra, designed with softness in mind, molds the body to a second skin effect naturally. This combination of luxury fabric and wireless bonding gives an authentically smooth, seamless silhouette. The dress looks and sounds like anything except the nursing bra.

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