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I Guess I'll Just Keep On Walk...

$ 9.99

Braun LS5560 Lady Shaver Legs...

$ 50.95

Braun Pocket Go Shaver M60b

$ 20.45

Braun Series 7 Beard Trimmer w...

$ 299.95

Braun Beard Trimmer and Hair C...

$ 139.95

Braun Body Mini Trimmer

$ 79.99

Braun Mini Body Trimmer

$ 49.99

Braun Electric 5 Rechargeable...

$ 159.00

Braun Series 3 Wet Dry Shave S...

$ 99.00

Braun Series 3 Electric Shaver

$ 149.95

Braun Series 7 Wet Dry Shaver...

$ 399.00

Braun Beard Trimmer Kit

$ 89.99

Braun Series 8 Latest Generati...

$ 599.00

Braun SilkExpert Pro 3 IPL Sha...

$ 419.00

Braun 310BT Series 3 310s Rech...

$ 99.85

Braun MGK3245 Allin1 Trimmer

$ 59.00

Braun Series 8 Latest Generati...

$ 699.95

Braun LS5100 Lady Shaver Legs...

$ 28.45

Braun Silk expert IPL BD 3001...

$ 179.00

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver...

$ 499.00

Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver

$ 157.00

Braun Series 5 Easy Rinse Shav...

$ 399.95

Braun 7in1 Allinone Trimmer 3...

$ 50.95

Braun Series 6 Wet Dry Shaver...

$ 329.00

Braun Series 3 WetDry Electric...

$ 99.00

Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260

$ 149.00

Braun Silkc3a9pil Electric Lad...

$ 149.95

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240

$ 89.00

Braun Electric Shaver

$ 110.00

Braun Series 3 Wet Dry Shave S...

$ 249.95

Braun Series 6 60R1000s Wet Dr...

$ 199.00

Braun M30 Mobile Foil Pocket S...

$ 24.15

Stores now provide a myriad of men's hair-removal treatments thanks to recent technological breakthroughs. One of the numerous choices is to use an electric shaver. A branded shaver is not only practical but also reliable. Braun is a well-known brand with a variety of models to meet your requirements and aspirations.

You may explore the large choice of Braun Shavers in Australia without having to pay attention to the quality or functionality. All of the shavers include technologically advanced features, such as micro-vibration, that not only function well but also save time.

About Braun

Braun is a German consumer products company situated in Kronberg am Taunus that was formed in 1921. Electric shavers and record players are among the company's most well-known industrial product designs from the mid-twentieth century. Braun was a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Gillette Company from 1984 until 2007 after The Gillette Company obtained a majority stake in the company in 1967. Procter & Gamble purchased Gillette in 2005, and Braun is now a completely owned part of the company.

In addition, all of the Braun Shavers Online available assist you in achieving a smooth and clean trimmed appearance without devoting a significant amount of time. They also avoid bruises and cuts by not getting too close to the skin. However, not all shavers on the market are capable of meeting all of your needs. As a consequence, before making a purchase, you must first determine your basic requirements. We've put together a comprehensive Electric Shaver Guide with a choice of high-quality shavers for you to choose from, compare prices, and buy at the best possible price on this page.

Best Braun Shavers to Choose

The official Braun online store in Australia has a huge selection of shavers. You can easily find the most cost-effective yet high-quality shaver if you take advantage of the Braun Shavers Sale Online. The following are a handful of the best shavers:

This electric razor has 360-degree adaptability for a flawless shave, even in difficult spots. AutoSense technology, on the other hand, detects and adapts power to the density of the beard, allowing it to shave even the thickest beards. Upgrade your shaver to meet your grooming demands. A precision trimmer attachment is included for trimming the mustache and sideburns. One full charge lasts up to three weeks of shaving. For one full shave, a 5-minute rapid charge is adequate.

Every Braun product is founded on a concept, and the Series 7 70 100-year milestone edition symbolises that idea. For more than a century, good design has been at the heart of every Braun product. The Braun Series 7 70 Design Edition is a perfect example of Braun's essence: simple, functional, and long-lasting. The 360° flex head and AutoSensing motor work together to provide a close shave that gathers more hair in each stroke, especially in difficult places. The shaver's German engineering and ergonomic handle allow for a straightforward, one-way movement and an uncomplicated shave.

Even in difficult places, the 360° Flex head adjusts to provide maximum contact for a smoother shave. The shaver detects and reacts to the density of your beard, eliminating hairs with each stroke. Upgrade your shaver to meet your grooming requirements. A Precision Trimmer attachment is included for trimming the mustache and sideburns. The improved ergonomic handle allows for a smooth shave with one-way movement.

Even in difficult places, the 360° Flex head adjusts to provide maximum contact for a smoother shave. This device is built to last, and it comes with a two-year guarantee and a 10-year repair service. It may also be used to shave dry, with foam, gel, or in the shower. One full charge lasts up to three weeks of shaving. For one full shave, a 5-minute rapid charge is adequate.

Save on Braun Shavers Online

Braun offers an unrivalled and exceptional online shopping experience for Australians. Even while other companies provide a variety of discounts, coupons, and savings, Paylessdeal's top price comparison engine may be able to save you even more money. They can vary significantly in cost based on a number of factors, i.e., design and functions - but on average, Braun Shavers Prices in Australia range from A$124-A$359. That's why we gathered information from a variety of sources in order to compare the prices of Braun shavers and find the best deal. It's worth noting that online price comparison may not only save you money but also make shopping easier and more enjoyable.