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BrassCraft Australia is known for its water supplies products, such as faucets. Brasscraft manufacturing industry's first product was a flexible hydraulic hose, which has been developed for commercial use. Other BrassCraft's products include Speedway and Speedi Plumb Plus Connectors.

Price and Availability

At brasscraft production company, the brand is proud of its operation, craft, and all the little attention to detail. The pride of the brand is demonstrated by the thousands of high-quality hydraulic products sold under the BrassCraft brands, Plumbshop, and Cobra. Brasscraft price in Australia ranges from 10 to 100 AUD depending upon the type of the product. Here above, we have enlisted some of the brand products which can be bought at a reasonable price.


Brasscraft relies on a culture of continuous improvement, quality, and exceptional customer service, and listen carefully to our customers to create products intelligently designed and tailored to their needs. Brasscraft Manufacturing is one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of hydraulic products for new construction, repair, and reconstruction markets. The brand was founded by Robert Zilum in Detroit, Michigan, in 1946, we continue to promise quality and innovation to this day. Here below, we have mentioned some of the leading products of the brand.