When thinking of Boys Surf Wear Australia, you are not imagining clothes, but rather the absence of them. But if you take a look at the perfect advertising images and look at the real surfers, it turns out that their wardrobe is not all that monotonous.

The most optimal variant of lycra + board shorts. Lycra is a specialized water sports apparel made from synthetic materials. Many people think that the only purpose of such a surf shirt is to protect from the sun's rays, but this is not the case.

Which lycra to choose (with short or long sleeves, with or without a hood) is up to you, depending on the conditions in which you will be skating.

The main thing is that it tightly fits the body and does not hinder movement. The only thing that will draw your attention to is that try to take lycra with an elastic at the bottom (to tie it to your shorts),this little moment solves a lot of problems.

As for boardshorts, they should be made of lightweight, quick-drying fabric, ideally a little stretch. It is advisable to choose a material that is dense enough, this firstly increases the wear resistance, and secondly, some thin (and especially light) fabrics tend to shine through when they get into the water. So, if you show the anatomy of your body - not what you expect from shorts, pay attention to the fabric!

When choosing between elastic and lacing, lacing is better! She holds the shorts tighter at the waist and we just tie an elastic band from Lycra to it. If you get to the spot on a bike, it is also helpful to have a zippered pocket with a loop on the inside for the key. In fact, board shorts are versatile clothes for guys, you don't have to get out of them at all during the whole vacation!

Surf Wear for Boys

Modern, advanced board shorts have a host of hitherto unseen qualities. Fabric with a special impregnation, which dries instantly and stretches in all directions, laces with a silicone coating, thanks to which they will never come loose, and a price tag of 80-100 bucks. In fact, board shorts should be comfortable, not restrict movement, not fly off when washed, not have noticeable leather seams, but have a keyhole in your pocket.

Wet Suit

It's great when you manage to surf in a warm ocean, but real surfers won't be stopped by cold water either. For those who love cool waves, neoprene and a variety of products from this super material come to the rescue. Neoprene shirts, suits, sneakers, hoods and gloves allow you to catch waves in comfort even in the harshest conditions.

Surfing Hats

"A real surfer" rides with burnt-out hair fluttering in the wind, you will say, and you will be right, but only partially. Continuous exposure to the water under the scorching sun can be great damage to the eyes of a surfer, as well as sensitive scalp, face, ears and anything else that he has not been able to smear with zinc. A surf cap or Panama hat will come to the rescue!

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