Boston Proper Australia has been committed to inspire the Aussies for more than 25-years offering the best women dresses for fearless feminine and urban chic that sang-froid the confidence of women to wear the best and luxurious Boston Proper Collection. Without any doubt, the brand is providing the bold, sophisticated, sexy and elegant dresses for the feminine world to make them look more confident while wearing.

Brand Overview

A Florida-based fashion company manufacturing the luxurious and stylish footwear, fragrance, sportswear, clothing, and other accessories for more than 25 years, the brand has an excellent reputation in all over the globe because of its quality & fashion trends.

Headquarter in Boca Raton, Boston Proper founded back in 1992 as “The Mark Group” while it changed the name in 2004 and since then it is known as Boston Proper. Years after providing the best quality clothes & accessories in 2016, the brand sold to Brentwood Associates.

The brand never omits its goals to provide the best style and fashion that doubles your personality. The brand motive was to offer the best-quality clothing collection that you cannot find anywhere else. Making you feel relaxed and confident with the unique and trendy styles for feminine of all ages to inspire and empower the beauty, the brand was successful in achieving its goals.

Boston Proper - Collection

Swim Suits

Swimsuits are idol when you decide to go to the beach or pool for taking a sunbath, but having a great style is necessary. It is where Boston Proper Swimsuit collections are worthy of buying because of its luxurious swimwear and suits filled and adorned with lace, fringes, sequins, and beads that doubles your beauty.

Boston Proper offers the best and distinctive style that perfectly matches for your personality. Giving yourself a glamourous look, Printed swimsuits looks superb while beautiful pairs of sandals, a gentle Hat, and a glossy beach bag will provide a dazzling look and style only offered by Boston Proper.


Are you a sports lover or a gym lover that not only focuses on an article of perfect clothing and design but also emphasises on the body and maintaining a good figure? Is so, then Boston Proper offers the best Activewear for feminine that makes them comfortable while exercising and training. Making you a more elegant and stylish while providing the best comfort to have a good workout these active wears should be your priority.

Night Clothing

No brand is complete without offering an elegant and sexy floral maxi dress! With Boston Proper be sure to pack at least one to use at night and perhaps another or two for shopping or lunch on the beach. Offering comfort in a long flowing dress and perfectly matched with shoes and other accessories, no one can beat the level of Boston Night Clothing collection. Other packing outfit options include brightly coloured tops and white jeans or shorts to match them. The night clothing collection can work day or night and will look stylish in a flat or wedge sandal.

Travel Clothes

Be sure to wear lots of wrinkle-resistant travel clothes, as well as wear an outfit to travel on your travel days. Travel dresses and separate garments are the best choice for comfort and style and look soft and polished straight from the suitcase. Try the Boston Proper Travel collection, the styles designed in a wide selection of looks, colours and silhouettes.

Holiday – Collection

So you're a little more immersed during the holidays, and why not? It's time to share the good cheer and take part in the celebrations. Even if your jeans are tight at the moment, you'll soon feel comfortable again. In the meantime, keep in mind some new forms that will make you feel confident, elegant and relaxed after the season and get back to your usual routine.

Very soft

So Soft range is luxurious comfort, comfort and softness. Whether it's a chic, dress or trouser, elegance is comfortable with loose pants and elegant charm. Perfect for casual wear and what you need to feel comfortable.

Beyond travel

While the Beyond Travel collection is designed taking into account travel, it is ideal for business. The exclusive wrinkle-resistant fabric makes you look professional and polished all day long, and is designed to the highest level of comfort. At Boston, most jeans & pant styles are designed with a non-binding belt, pull-pull pollen and jacket wallpapers, jackets and dresses in the collection, creating a smooth and smooth silhouette.

Beyond the Basics

With these basics, winter is full of varied design options for work, weekends, and more. Beyond Basics offers everyday shapes and useless patterns to help assemble clothes easily. Whether it's a shirt "Move to", a dress that moves from day to day or pant yoga you can wear everywhere, the collection is designed around comfort and elegance for all occasions.

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