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Just like the face, the body needs daily hydration to keep the skin soft and protect it from dehydration. It is therefore essential to choose the Body Creams & moisturizer for the body that will do away with dry skin. Scented moisturizing milk, nourishing cream, & body creams, for each skin type, discover all Body Creams Australia products to adorn your body with unique care.

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QV Cream Pump, 1 kg


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Gold Bond Rough Bumpy Daily Skin Therap...


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Nature Republic Soothing Moisture Aloe...


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Epaderm Cream 500g Pump Pack


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NIVEA MEN Moisturising Crme, 150ml


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WELEDA Skin Food, 75ml


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QV Intensive Body Moisturiser, 100 g


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Platinum Rose Tattoo Butter for Before,...


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PHYSIOGEL - Calming Relief A.I. Cream 10...


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Kiwiherb Dermacare Cream 50 g, 50 grams


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Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream,...


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Madeleine Ritchie New Zealand 16+ Active...


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derma e Deep Moisturizing Formula, Vitam...


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Image Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protect...


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Martin Pleasance Herbal Cream 100g - Na...


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Baoblaze Underarm Whitening Body Cream T...


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Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Cream...


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Philosophy Amazing Grace Whipped Body Cr...


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The Better Skin Mirakle Cream by The Bet...


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Dermeze Treatment Cream 100g


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Image The Max Stem Cell Creme by Image f...


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Hudson Made Cedar Clove - Body Balm 2 ou...


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Medline Remedy Essentials Zinc Skin Prot...


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Body Creams and body milk; All the care to fight against Dry skin!

Unique textures for all tastes and all skin types

Whipped, glittery, fluid, light or thicker Hydrating creams to pamper the body abound! Choose the texture adapted to your skin which will protect it and offer it all the benefits it needs daily:

The body milks: texture lightest, suitable for dry and healthy skin, they can hydrate the skin to prevent it from drying out by keeping the water inside the epidermis. Thanks to a regular application of moisturizing milk, the skin, nourished from the inside, is better protected against external aggressions.

Indeed, hydrated, milk creates a protective surface layer which covers the natural hydrolipidic film of the epidermis. More fluid than a thick, nourishing cream, and similar to a nourishing cream, it nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy finish.

The moisturizers thicker than milk and a little less than butter, are ideal for dry skin who need a nourishing the drier finish.

The body butter, thick texture, is perfect for dry to dehydrated skin. Very rich and fatty, they nourish the skin intensely and offer it optimal comfort.

The emollient creams, adapted to reactive skin or atopic tendency, allow, in turn, nourish and soothe the skin by creating a protective barrier.

A cream, an action

Moisturizing, nourishing, firming, and restorative, each body cream has a specific property according to each of your needs:

The primary function of a cream, balm or moisturizing milk is to nourish the skin, hydrate it and protect it daily from external aggressions (pollution, free radicals, tight clothing).

Over time, the skin loses its tone and elasticity due to various external factors (sun, age, pregnancy, lack of hydration, etc.). To overcome this problem, it is therefore essential to use an excellent firming cream to tighten the skin and tone it.

A firming cream contains moisturizing plant active ingredients that will stimulate the epidermis, such as caffeine or silicon. The main thing is to perform the right gestures (palpate-rolling is the massage recommended to firm the skin) to obtain the expected tightening effect.

Specially designed to treat susceptible skin, soothing care softens and repairs problem skin and nourishes it in depth.

To brighten your complexion and give it a brown colour without going through sun exposure,  self-tanning body creams allow you to colour your skin while nourishing it with moisturizing active ingredients. The opportunity to wear a peach complexion all year round without damaging your skin and providing it with the hydration and repair it needs!

For a moisturizer or nourishing milk to penetrate the skin intensely, it is advisable to make a scrub once or twice a week. This, enriched with microbead grains, sugar or salt, eliminates all dead skin and impurities, which leads the active ingredients of the cream to act in-depth.

Once the exfoliation step has been completed, you can then apply your moisturizer. Pour a dose of the product on the palms of the hands and massage the skin using circular movements until complete penetration.

How often should I apply a moisturizer?

It is essential to nourish your skin daily 1 to 2 per day because applying nourishing milk or cream in the morning or in the evening does not have quite the same actions on your skin. To protect your skin from external aggressions daily, apply your cream in the morning.

If, on the other hand, you want to nourish your body intensely, prefer the application of a cream or even a body balm, richer and fatty, in the evening. Indeed, applying a moisturizing treatment before bed allows its hydrating active ingredients to act more actively on the epidermis. Upon rising, the skin is regenerated and soft like silk.

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