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February 17, 2022

Xiaomi 12 – Official Release Date, Price, Specs, and more

The upcoming Xiaomi 12 is expected to be the next significant smartphone from the Chinese top-rated smartphone maker, Xiaomi. If rumours are to be believed, it might be made public in early 2022. Without a doubt, this next fantastic flagship Android smartphone might wind up being one of the greatest smartphones of the year, unless a Lite, Pro, or Ultra edition is introduced alongside it. It is also one of the most anticipated mobile phones of 2022.

With the debut of the Xiaomi 11 T Pro, the Mi 11 series appears to be complete, and we do not anticipate any other products in the family. No, the Xiaomi 12 might be the company's next flagship smartphone.

We've seen that the Xiaomi Mi 11 has an outstanding score in terms of appearance, functionality, and overall quality, but there's always something a reputable brand can do to improve things, especially when you examine the Mi 11 Lite 5G and Mi 11 Ultra, which both had issues while being rated as good overall.

Well, the Xiaomi 12 series is currently making waves online, and if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, here's a brief rundown of everything you should know. We examined the most recent rumours, leaks, and information shared by many sources, such as release date, price, features, and more. Let's have a look!

Xiaomi 12 Release Date

Back on December 18th of 2021, the Chinese giant Xiaomi confirmed it would launch Xiaomi 12 somewhere in 2022 – sooner than later. However, based on rumours and speculations around, we shouldn’t expect this phone to be landed on shelves before March of 2022.

As far as the Xiaomi 12 release date in Australia is concerned, Xiaomi has a habit of launching its devices worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand, a bit late. Therefore, Aussies should assume to get their hands on one soon, most probably a month later.

Xiaomi 12 Price

For now, we’re running short on details regarding the Xiaomi 12 Price, but we do have only Chinese prices for these smartphones (yet to be confirmed officially). The phone is most likely to set users back around CNY 3,699, which translates into AUD 799 or a little bit more after conversion. Let’s have a look at the price information according to the rumoured variants.

  • Xiaomi 12 8GB/128GB: CNY3,699 (~AUD 800)
  • Xiaomi 12 8GB/256GB: CNY3,999 (~AUD 870)
  • Xiaomi 12 12GB/256GB:  CNY4,399 (~AUD 950)

It's crucial to remember that straight currency translations are sometimes wrong and that any plausible worldwide pricing for these phones would almost certainly be more than the converted amounts above.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Release Date & Price

The gorgeously designed Xiaomi 12 smartphone seems to hit stores alongside a wide number of other devices – such as Xiaomi 12 Ultra, 12 Pro, and 12X. And if rumours turn out to be true, we’ll also be able to go for Xiaomi 12 Lite, 12T as well as 12T Pro. However, the official Xiaomi 12 Ultra release is expected in the month of March 2022. For now, it's available in China only.

Regarding the Xiaomi 12 Ultra Price, fans should expect a little hike in price, as usual - for instance, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra arrived on shelves with a price tag of AUD 1799. It directly gives severe competition to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as well as the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Rumours and Leaks

We've seen various fan-made Xiaomi 12 renderings. While they haven't been officially announced, they are based on genuine leaks about the phone, thus we may treat them as a true first look at the smartphone. If you compare the screen and design to the Mi 11, you'll see that there's a second rear camera and no front-facing camera. This isn't to say that selfies are forbidden, but some smartphones, like the ZTE Axon 20 5G, might include an under-display shooter.

However, one source indicates that the Mi 12 will still include a punch-hole cut-out for the primary camera, like with past Xiaomi smartphone models. According to one large leak, the Xiaomi 12 would sport a 192MP or 200MP primary camera, which would be the highest-resolution camera we've seen in any flagship handset. According to the source, the smartphone will also include the next iteration of Qualcomm's extremely highly strong processor series, presumably the Snapdragon 895, which was previously predicted based on precedence.

A clear leak backs up this high-resolution camera theory, however, it seems it will be on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra rather than the standard model. According to the speculation, the vanilla and Pro variants will sport cameras similar to the Mi 11 Ultra, such as a 50MP primary, a 5x periscope, and an ultra-wide combination.

Before we knew anything about the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi introduced a novel technology dubbed Xiaomi HyperCharge, which provides 200W of wired charging and 120W of wireless charging. That's said to be enough to charge a 4,000mAh battery in around 8 minutes with cable charging and 15 minutes with wireless charging.

The company hasn't specified whether this would be included in the Xiaomi 12, but we believe it's likely to be in a phone soon, so the Xiaomi 12 or one of its siblings is a likely possibility.

Certainly, a recent rumour suggests that this charging technology might debut in or around June 2022, which may be too late for the ordinary Mi 12, but the Mi 11 Ultra was released a few months ahead of its cheaper sister, so the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is a viable contender.

What Do We Expect from Xiaomi 12?

Affordable Price Tag

When it comes to the Western phone markets, Xiaomi has made a reputation for itself with its 'flagship killer' phones, which had similar specs to top offerings from Samsung and OnePlus, which are themselves inventive flagship killers, but at much lower rates. That is no longer the situation with the Mi 11 - both the basic phone and the Ultra variant are priced competitively. The Mi 11 wasn't particularly expensive, but the slight advantage that propelled Xiaomi forward has vanished.

We'd want to see the Mi 12 weaken its predecessors so that it can push ahead of them more aggressively. If there is another Ultra model, we'd want to see it be much more affordable, as the Mi 11 Ultra was clearly overpriced.

Improved Camera Configuration

We're assuming here that we will most likely realise, but this is a list of what we need to see, and Xiaomi's creative camera settings are frequently a privilege to play with. Xiaomi frequently introduces new options for photography and filmmaking in the camera app that competitors do not have. There are several effects-heavy video modes known as Movie Effects, as well as automated colour editing for photography and the "sky editing mode," which allows you to totally adjust the skyline and weather effects for images. We're already interested in seeing what the Mi 12 has in store since the entertaining modes will almost certainly make using the camera a pleasure.

Smooth Fingerprint Scanner

Although many Xiaomi smartphones do not have in-screen fingerprint scanners, those that do usually have minor flaws in this functionality. Some in-screen scanners are unreliable, and the denotation of your finger is occasionally denied even when it should function. This is sometimes due to a software error, and other times it is due to the sensor being too tiny. Without a doubt, Xiaomi must find a solution for these fingerprint sensors, as they are critical for a high-end smartphone yet are also somewhat inconvenient to use.

Glitch-free User Interface

MIUI, Xiaomi's Android derivative, includes some absolutely fantastic features as well as some plainly bad ones. It is up to the company to solve the problem. Without a doubt, MIUI provides more customisation options than some other Android forks, and the interface is safe and secure.

On the other side, MIUI comes with a lot of bloatware, and an irritating security check pop-up every time you install an app, and it's definitely problematic. These issues must be addressed before we can warmly recommend Xiaomi phones.

Decent Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi 11 series was plagued by a consistent issue: the phones just did not have a very long battery life. While each phone had a large battery, it doesn't appear like the software or functions were well-optimized, causing the power to deplete quickly. The Mi 11 Ultra, in particular, experienced an overheating problem that caused the charge to flip. Larger isn't always better in this scenario, thus we'd want to see Xiaomi implement more battery optimizations so that the smartphone can last longer in terms of battery life.


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