Vivo V9 Pro: Arriving Sooner Than You Think with along with 6GB of RAM

By LucyEva 3 months ago

Vivo had been so very secretive about the new V9 since it was announced by Vivo by the end of June, and since then not much had been said by this smartphone by Vivo. Finally, tomorrow this smartphone will be launched on Amazon where for the first time the price of this smartphone will be unveiled for the people who had been waiting to buy this smartphone. The new V9 Pro will be having a better display along with better performing units such as the Snapdragon as compared the regular Vivo V9.

Vivo V9 Pro Release Date

Vivo V9 Pro release date Australia is said to be very soon, as this smartphone is going to launch in India on 26 September. Which means that Vivo will not take much time in order to bring this smartphone in Australia. According to some predictions, it is being speculated that this smartphone will be reaching in Australia in a couple of days as it will be released in India. However, soon after the release of this smartphone, it is expected to give a tough competition to other smartphones such as OPPO F9 and OPPO F9 Pro.

Vivo V9 Pro price

Vivo V9 Pro price Australia is said to be in between the range of 270-300 AUD, the price of this smartphone will be confirmed as its price will be unveiled by tomorrow. However, the price of this smartphone in India will is said to be less than 20,000 Indian Rupees. Which comes to show that the price of this smartphone will be around 270 AUD. The price of this smartphone will be less than the price of Vivo X21 UD, and Xiaomi Mi 8X.

The price of this smartphone is said to be the biggest challenge for other smartphones that had already been released. As the price of this smartphone is very low as compared to most of the smartphone which has a pretty high cost of buying. Moreover, this smartphone also provides some of the most amazing features that are similar to any other expensive smartphone in Australia.

The new Vivo V9 Pro will be coming with a 6.3 inches of screen display, where the display will be giving a high resolution due to its high pixel density. The 6GB RAM of this smartphone will make sure for users to get a smooth experience while operating this device.

Due to the element of 6GB RAM, this smartphone will also give an issueless experience while doing multitasking on this smartphone. Moreover, the camera of this smartphone will provide some of the most amazing images and high-quality videos. This smartphone also includes a powerful LED flashlight which further enhances the quality of images taken with the camera of this smartphone by Vivo.

This smartphone might not include the feature of 4K video recording, but the overall video quality of this smartphone is going to be an amazing one. As far as the matter of looks and design of the new Vivo V9 Pro is concerned then it looks like its previous V9 model. Therefore, it can also be said that this smartphone is the bigger version of V9.

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