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February 21, 2022

Upcoming Phones 2022 – Future Smartphones Coming to Australia

The future will always be more intriguing; we will witness many more improvements in the upcoming smartphones 2022. The last five years have been a watershed moment for the IT sector, particularly the global smartphone business.

During this time, we've witnessed a lot of developments in cellphones. We used to fantasise about bezel-less, notch-less smartphones 7 or 8 years ago, and now they're real. Many innovative smartphone firms are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make cellphones the gadgets of the future. Apple pioneered the use of a notch in smartphones, and Samsung followed suit with the foldable device. Now, the forthcoming smartphones will be more advanced in the coming year, and we will witness a lot more futuristic technology.

This post will discuss the greatest upcoming smartphones in 2022. All of the phones fall into the mid-range and flagship categories and are likely to be packed with a slew of new features and designs. There will be a lot more changes in the design of cellphones as well.

Future Smartphones to be Expected in 2022

  • Apple iPhone 14 Series

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market, and consumers are constantly enamoured with Apple products. In the last 5 or 6 years, Apple has released a slew of fantastic products, all of which have been a joy to use. According to reports, the iPhone 14 will be joined by the iPhone 14 Max and the 14 Pro Max, for a total of four versions. Whether or when the Apple iPhone Flip (a foldable smartphone) becomes a reality, we are now at a loss for words. However, we've summarised everything relevant to the iPhone Flip in our other blog, which may help you get a better understanding of it.

Coming back to the iPhone 14 series, they will replace the tiny form of the iPhone this time, with the future iPhone 14 serving as the basic variety of these smartphones. These phones will be powered by Apple's newest A16 Bionic technology, which is very powerful. The future iPhone will run iOS 15, the most recent version of Apple's operating system. In addition, we will see significant camera advancements in the next phone, which is expected to be packed with increased zooming capabilities as well as a much-enhanced night mode sensor.

The phone is claimed to have 8K video recording abilities and will be able to record videos in Apple's ProRes format, which is a high quality, lossy video compression. This is mostly used in post-production for videos with resolutions up to 8K.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 30

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 will be known as the Note30, and you read it correctly. Samsung has now updated the naming method for its Galaxy series. All future Samsung smartphone series will now have a ten-digit increase. This isn't the first time they've done this following the Galaxy S11 - we've seen the Galaxy S20 series rather than the S12. Let's not get too caught up in this; the name doesn't always matter; what matters is how they expose this device to the world and what specifications and features it will provide.

There is still relatively little information on the market, but it is becoming more intriguing by the day. According to some reports, Samsung may cancel the whole Galaxy Note line of smartphones. However, according to certain online sources, they will be discounting high-end note series smartphones.

  • OnePlus 10 Series

One of the fastest-growing smartphone companies is preparing to introduce its upcoming devices in the future. It is the successor of the OnePlus 9 series, which is quite good and has strong specifications right out of the box. However, as we saw with the OnePlus 9 Pro last year, they are already charging exorbitant prices. As a result, referring to OnePlus as a mid-range smartphone manufacturer, as they were previously, is incorrect.

When it comes to the OnePlus 10 series, it is going to be a fantastic gadget; this time, we will witness a significant design change to these handsets. There is a good probability that the corporation will employ an updated CPU named Snapdragon 895 or 895 Plus with this handset, which will be a visible advance over the OnePlus 9 series, which currently operates on the Snapdragon 888 chipset. It is largely expected to include the Warp Charge 30 Wireless technology, which will allow it to charge much more quickly in wireless mode.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone, it is evident that they will now upgrade. The Galaxy S21 series is a beast in every way, from design to specifications; it's a complete package. This year, in the first quarter of 2022, the brand will release the S22, which is fantastic news for Samsung flagship fans. According to a fresh rumour from web sources, it will launch in Australia in March with immediate access for the public.

The phone will boast a 120 Hz AMOLED QHD+ 6.8-inch display and the brightest brightness ever seen in a Samsung smartphone, which will be approximately 1800 nits. It has been revealed that it will be equipped with Samsung's own high-end Exynos processor, as well as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset in some regions. In terms of the camera, the phone is believed to use an HM3 108 MP sensor. A 108MP primary sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide camera are included, as well as a 10MP 3X telephoto shooter and a 10MP 10X telephoto lens. The gadget, like its predecessor, is likely to include an S Pen Stylus.

  • IQOO 9 Pro

The iQOO 9 series, like its predecessors, will provide good value for money. It will be redesigned and will be less expensive than its competitors. There will be vanilla and a Pro variation in the series. The Pro model will be available in Red, Black, and Blue, and will have a triple camera configuration.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, 120Hz frame rate, a micro-head gimbal stabilisation system, twin speakers, and pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons for competitive gaming have all been leaked. It will sport a 4650mAh battery and an LTPO display. The triple camera arrangement is also believed to include a 50MP primary camera.

  • Apple iPhone SE 2 Plus

Apple's low-cost iPhone is slated to be replaced in 2022. However, a successor to the iPhone SE is already being referred to as the iPhone SE 2020 or 2. Now, the company's latest affordable phone will be followed by the iPhone SE 2 Plus in 2022.

Apple has already been working on the iPhone SE Plus, which is reported to have a larger display, maybe a 5.5-inch Retina HD display. This will be a more powerful competitor to the iPhone SE 2. In addition, the phone is believed to have a bezel-less design to feel more contemporary. When you look at the current iPhone SE 2, it appears to be outdated. In the plus model, they may employ an updated Bionic chipset to make it more powerful and high-end. The new phone's price is also likely to be significantly cheaper than that of ordinary iPhones.

  • Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone

Google appears to be developing a foldable smartphone that would resemble the Oppo Find N folding smartphone. Google's folding smartphone, codenamed "Pipit," was discovered on the Geekbench test. The benchmark results indicate that it is utilising Google's own Tensor processor.

Furthermore, the Android 12L beta suggests compatibility for a new phone with a foldable display, and a sim-ejected animation was provided in the papers. Furthermore, other online sources have stated that when the phone is unfolded, it will have a more rectangular-shaped appearance – akin to the Oppo Find N – as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which has a higher design.

  • Nokia 10

Nokia, the failed manufacturer, is preparing to debut its next smartphone, which will be known as the Nokia 10. We've all heard the story of its demise at the hands of Microsoft, but for the past several years, they've been working hard to reintroduce it to the smartphone market. Sometimes it appears that they have returned, but then the company is completely vacant.

They recently released a number of good smartphones, but they were not well received in the market. However, according to rumours, Nokia is preparing something huge for 2022, when it will launch its flagship gadget, the Nokia 10. Yes, the Nokia 10 has been anticipated for quite some time, but it has yet to arrive. Nevertheless, rumour has it that they will release a killer flagship and a camera-centric gadget in 2022.

It is believed to include 5G technology and to be complemented by PureView technology for its cameras. The rest of the details are unclear, but we will update this post as soon as we learn more about the new Nokia smartphone.

Wrapping Up

2021 was an amazing year for smartphone titans all over the world – but 2022 would undoubtedly be much better, as practically every smartphone manufacturer is working hard to give its rivals tough competition and lead the charts. Despite the fact that we are just two months into 2022, all of the smartphones stated above are expected to hit shelves before December 2022 — most likely one after the other.

Most significantly, you won't be disappointed if you expect virtual reality in the next phones of 2022. It's because Google Assistant and Siri, both from Google and Apple, are expected to be more advanced on the next smartphones. Assistants' speech recognition and contextual comprehension are increasing, and more sophisticated AI-based voice assistants are expected in the next year.  


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