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September 12, 2018

Top Trending Smartwatches in Australia: 4 Most Trendy Smartwatches

One of the most innovative gadgets that that really attained the attention of people are smartwatches that have the most unique features in them. In the contemporary times, the smartwatches had gained a much-reputed demand which is making a huge number of people buying them. It would not be wrong to say that everyone nowadays is looking out for the best value smartwatches in the market. After all, why smartwatches would not be a talk of the town - Smartwatches are portable, easy to carry, easy to operate and very convenient to make it a small version of cell-phone. Therefore, there is a plenty of company that is doing well in terms of production of top trendy smartwatches in Australia. Last year has been immensely important for the smartwatch industry and market, as this year had seen many innovative changes and advancements which ultimately led to more and more buyers of smartwatches.  

2 Variables of Apple Smartwatches Tops the List

When it comes to the factor of smartwatches then 2 variables of AppleWatch3 tops the list, as both of these variables have the most unique features along with a Super AMOLED display. The super AMOLED display lets the users see the display of Apple smartwatch clearly even outside the home. It is also to be noted that the smartwatches by Apple had always dominated this sector, however over the passage of time Samsung along with some other companies had come forward with innovative gadgets.

1. Apple Smartwatch 3 (38mm)

The Apple Watch 3 (38mm) stays one of the more elegant smartwatch plans out there. Apple has always made it sure that its watches should look extraordinary to the people. The design of Apple watch is further instigated with the help of its round edges and bold body design. It also has a shiny coat over the frontal sides and back-side which gives an extra push to the looks of Apple watch. Apple smartwatch 3 include a dual-core processor which enables a good speed while processing up different tasks at the same point in time. It also has a Built-in GPS and GLONASS enabling its tracing tasks one of the best. In the Watch 3, the LTE reception apparatus has been pressed in behind the screen, scarcely affecting the gadget's general thickness. The positive symptom of this move, which may come as a shock, concerns comfort. In other LTE-empowered smartwatches, the receiving wire has regularly been put inside the lash joint, making the join with the watch packaging firm and awkward. This isn't an issue with the Watch 3 series.

2. Apple Smartwatch 3 (42mm)

The Apple Watch 3 (42mm) bags away one of the most interesting designs which appeal highly to smartwatch lovers. The design of Apple watch is further instigated with the help of its round edges and bold body design. It also has a shiny coat over the frontal sides and back-side which gives an extra push to the looks of Apple watch. Apple Watch 3 42 mm include the state of the art technology which performs on Apple S3 Dual-Core processor providing high-speed functioning to the users of this smartwatch. It also has V4.2 Bluetooth, 768GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, Activity and Heart Rate Monitoring and a nice sleek design. This few features of Apple watch allows the users it’s a convenient exercise driven component to have, and again makes the Arrangement 3 Apple Watch a strong decision for the individuals who wish to leave their iPhone in the auto while working out. More accurate tracking in GPS and fitness grounds is a specification which is expected to be and with better GPS system in such a busy life will allow anyone to have fast and accurate directions. This also helps o track a spot or a location without even looking at the phone again and again.

3. Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch

Xiaomi had also made highlights with its ultimate and high performing smartwatch, the Xiaomi Amazfit smartwatch which includes some of the most interesting features such as an around display which makes it more like a regular as way more similar as compared to other simple watches out in the market. This smartwatch includes a dual-core processor which provides a better running speed to this smartwatch and also provides a good processing notion after giving any task to this smartwatch. It also includes a very good battery which gives a timing up to 5 days on a normal usage and up to 10 days on a very light usage. It is interesting to see an immigrant company such as “Xiaomi” has created a much hype in the smartwatch market of Australia. The reason for the current and on-going success of Xiaomi is its distribution system and cost-effectiveness. Xiaomi makes it sure that its customers get an innovative gadget with best features and the most effective (low) costs in Australia. That’s why “Xiaomi” is top of the line when it comes cheap smartwatches in Australia.

4. Samsung Gear S

Samsung had also been a very innovative producer of smartwatches as it also includes some of the most elegant and high-quality features packed in a very catchy and expensive smartwatch. However, it can also be said that the smartwatch of Samsung is more or less similar to the Apple smartwatch when it comes the price of both the devices. As both of these devices possesses a bit high range of cost which might not be afforded by everyone. But the kind of features that are provided in both of these smartwatches. Samsung Gear S includes a Super AMOLED display which runs on always on display that makes it unique. It also includes 4GB of internal storage capacity along with a 512MB of RAM, which is more than enough for a device like this. Samsung smartwatch also includes a protection of corning gorilla glass 3, which make this smartwatch a durable allowing people to use it for the maximum period of time.

5. Apple Watch Series 5

Although an Australian market is equipped with a wide number of smartwatches from different well-recognised brands, but everything becomes entirely different when it comes to Apple Watch Series 5 in Australia, which is considered as the best watch around money can buy. This is also the best smartwatch for iPhone users as it works flawlessly and seamlessly with all Apple iPhones. Moreover, it should be in your hands if you plan to keep using an iPhone for many years to come.

Well, Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t with massive upgradations when comparing it with its predecessor Apple Watch 4, but its major change is an “Always-on” display for the first time. It means you now no need to raise your watch to see key stats as it’ll display a lot of information you need. The display is similar to Watch 4, and it comes in two different sizes – 40mm and 44mm. All the major fitness features are available alongside ECG Monitor, GPS Tracking, Heart Rate Monitoring, and more.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung once again dropped an excellent piece of technology named Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a sportier look as well as it’s exceptionally light and arguably more comfortable as compared to all previously launched Samsung Galaxy watches. In terms of design, it’s not entirely changed – but it’s featuring a display with a size of 1.2” with a maximum resolution of 360 x 360, which is exceptionally bright and beautiful enough to entice. It comes at a decent price and looks great on your wrist than many other devices.

Samsung has done a great job with its Galaxy Watch Active 2 by adding all the high-end and top-class fitness features you would expect from a super-expensive piece of technology. It’s ranging more than 39 workout modes, an ECG sensor, a heart rate monitor, a health app, and a sleep monitoring for better sleep. Most interestingly, Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 enables you to monitor your blood pressure, but it doesn’t work smoothly often.

7. Huawei Watch GT 2

Another trending watch in Australia is named Huawei Watch GT2, which looks quite different from every other smartwatch available in the market. It’s actually a mix between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. At first glance, it looks like a smartwatch completely, and it’s awesome with the highest resolution display. It’s capable enough to run all the basic system applications such as calculator, calendar, messages, and calls. However, it won’t be able to run 3rd party applications neither you can personalise watch faces.

Then the reason why it’s holding a position in the trending smartwatch list is that it’s majorly focusing on fitness features, and with this gorgeously designed fitness smartwatch, you can stay healthier. It’s loaded with a GPS and heart rate monitoring sensor. Obviously, this would most likely cater to fitness beginners rather than road warriors without adding Strava or other fitness equipment. The most important and surprising feature is its battery, which can last for more than two weeks, which indicates that you only need to charge it around 27 times a year.

8. Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2 isn’t less than a magical piece of technology if you’re a fitness buff. And if you love doing exercise on a daily basis and looking for a smartwatch that can assist you in exercise, then Honor Magic Watch 2 has got you covered – thanks to its variety of fitness features. The Honor Magic Watch 2 monitors a number of sports that provide information and can also advise and provide input on certain events. It’s also an ideal smartwatch for those who always wish to get fitter.

It can last for many days – almost a week or two – depends on a version you buy. Moreover, it looks pretty sleek, as well. The watch has many problems such as its relative lack of fitness features, the fact that it can sometimes get very dusty and needs to be cleaned, and the fact that several of its fitness features are not available on iOS, although we still recommend you to get your hands on one if you need a smartwatch without having to spend a fortune.

9. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit is a highly admirable name in the world of smartwatches, and there are a number of people worldwide who always prefer buying Fitbit smartwatches. The gorgeously designed Fitbit’s watch named Fitbit Versa 2, is the company’s best smartwatch so far. The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the most successful smartwatches around with a plethora of new components and fitness trackers, of course.

The Versa 2 updates to the original Fitbit Versa, including an Alexa integration, always-on display, and a compact body. However, if an original Fitbit Versa weren’t an ideal smartwatch for you, then Fitbit Versa 2 wouldn’t be impressive you as well because it’s still basically the same device and it’s missing GPS and Spotify.


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