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March 13, 2018

Top 10 Space Heaters for 2018 in Australia

Whenever the winter season starts, you may realize that your whole house heater isn’t enough. You might want to buy a space heater for the large room at your home. Though space heaters are normally ideal for small rooms, there’re also ways to use them for your large rooms. However, these heaters aren’t apparently designed to be a primary source of heat, but instead to supplement an existing heating scheme.

If you’re looking to heat your homes cost-efficiently and safely, we have got you covered. Keep reading and we’ll show you best space heaters of 2018.

1: Honeywell HCE200B Space Heater:

The HCE200B from Honeywell is a great little and best heater for baby rooms with a lot to offer. It’s a very compact heater, has a spotlight-style design and comes in either black or white. The colored portion of the unit is plastic, whereas the front grille is made of metal for a little aesthetic flourish. As compared to some other products we’ve seen so far, HCE200B space heater shuts itself off even if it overheats or falls over. Furthermore, a plastic body assures that it’s cool to the touch when in use, but the grille does have a tendency to heat up a little so avoid touching it if possible.

2: Holmes HFH111T-NU Space Heater:

Though Holmes HFH111T-NU space heater is not the most efficient space heater on our list, but it’s loaded with an exquisite features that other low-budget heaters lack. The Holmes HFH111T-NU not only works as a heater, but rather an air conditioning unit. It is being designed with a covering its fan making it pretty awesome. You will find two dials on the top – one for these controls the temperature of the air, whereas the other allows you to select an operating mode. Being a powerful heater, it does make a bit noise as compared to its competition.

How much do you think this product would cost? It would be pretty expensive, right? Actually, it might be less than you’d think. It retails for around 36 AUD.

3: Infrared Quartz Electric Space Heater:

If you’re hunting for the best space heater for large rooms to give an additional expansion of warmth, this infrared quartz stove is up for the job. It looks a real wood burning stove with flame effect and warms a space up to 1,000 square feet. It comes with an adjustable thermostat which allows you to set the temperature to your liking. And interestingly, there’s nothing to worry about kids or pets getting burned either, as the outside remains cold.

4: Lasko 6462 Full Circle Space Heater:

Lasko 6462 is considered to be the best space heater for bedrooms or smaller living rooms but underpowered in larger spaces. It’s loaded with three settings: high, low and automatic, which fasten the heat to the desired temperature. In addition, the unit comes with a digital programmable thermostat and a remote control. Buyers appreciate the handy remote and say the control panel itself is easy-to-use. This unit is easy to stash in a low-traffic corner as its 25 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 11 inches long. The slim design is being appreciated by many reviewers and says it’s relatively sleek for a space heater.

5: Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater:

The product has a wooden outer casing which lends it a dazzling look and also serves to increase the overall weight of the product. Dr Infrared Space Heater retails around 100 AUD, so whilst it is expensive, but its functionality justifies the price. It automatically shuts itself off if it's overheating. Its blower is a bit quiet and is rated at 39dB which is almost the same as the noise in the library. A company has claimed that it can last for around 80,000 hours of use that means nine years of constant heat.

Moreover, it’s a most powerful electric heater as it has the capacity to heat spaces up to 500 square feet, making it up to 100 times more powerful than the least expensive heater on our list.

6: Cadet RCP402S High-End Space Heater:

It’s an exceptionally powerful heater, given its size. It boasts a heavy-duty bracket, weighs ten pounds and measures 17.5” tall, 15.8” wide and 8.2” deep. So it can easily be mounted on a wall, the ceiling or a floor stand.This isn’t for everyone as its high cost makes it an unsuitable choice for those looking to warm up small rooms and it’s too loud for these anyway. Rather, it provides heat to larger areas such as workshops, garages, that sort of thing. If you can congest it into your budget, and also won’t mind a little noise, give it a try, you won’t regret it.

7: DeLonghi EW7707CM Space Heater:

This product is a little different from the other heaters we have seen. Instead of a fan-based model, it’s an oil filled radiator. It enables this unit to heat up more efficiently than the others as well as assures that it’s silent at all times. Most importantly, it’s on wheels so it can be easily moved around – perfect for quiet workplaces.

As far as the price is concerned, it costs around 90 AUD and is made of steel with a white plastic end panel. The oil never needs to be refilled as it’s permanently sealed in.

Unfortunately, DeLonghi EW7707CM cannot turn itself off, but it will maintain this temperature considerably. It’s quite a powerful heater and can easily heat a room of 300 square feet, making it perfect for medium to large rooms.

8: DeLonghi TCH7690ER Space Heater:

The DeLonghi TCH7690ER is loaded with full of functional additions along with technology making it not only easier to use but actually more useful than numerous other products we’ve seen up to this point. It retails around 76 AUD, which isn’t exactly super expensive, right?

It looks good as it’s made of matte black plastic and there’s a small LCD screen displays the current temperature and mode. In terms of size, it’s pretty large at 27.8 inches tall, 11.5 inches deep, and 10.2 inches wide and weighs seven pounds. Since this unit is made of plastic, it remains cool to the touch even after using a couple of hours.

9: Bionaire BCH7302-UM Space Heater:

Bionaire BCH7302 is actually up to 35% more energy efficient as compared to the conventional heaters. Which means that the more you use this space heater, the more money you save in the long run. It has a stylish look and sleek design. The body is made of black plastic and the front has a silver metal mesh over it.

There’re total three buttons, one is for switching between low and high modes, another is for turning the heater on or off, and the final one sets the maximum temperature of the air.

If something happens wrong, don’t worry because this unit comes with a year’s limited warranty. As far as you didn’t damage it, a company will repair or replace it for you absolutely free.

10: Honeywell HZ-7300 Space Heater:

This space heater has a slightly higher price tag (around 65 AUD) to match its wider functionality. It comes with a black plastic exterior and a control system which is simple yet provides a good amount of flexibility. It stands 12.9 inches tall, 11.3 inches wide, 8.2 inches deep and gladly, it’s heavier which means that it’s less likely to be knocked over accidentally.

At the top of this unit, there’re three buttons. One is about heater weather to fluctuate or not, second is for turning the unit on and off and the third enables you to select a mode. Even there’s an option of a setting which allows you to set your preferred temperature.


We have covered a bit amount of space heaters in this article, every unit with different strengths and weaknesses. We think the Honeywell HCE200B is overall the best space heater as it’s small in size, and has a large heating area as well as warms up an entire room if they’re small enough. Hope this article has been helpful to you, and if it has, please leave a comment below. It’ll help us out and we’ll appreciate all the feedback we receive.


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