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February 13, 2018

Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners of 2018 - 2019

An air conditioner system is essential for every house. In the summer season, the demand for air conditioner arise and there is a substantial increase in the prices as well. Air conditioners are installed to cater to a single room and thus, you will have to install indoor units in all rooms of your house. A simple solution to this problem is to buy portable air conditioning units. These are standalone units that can be easily moved from one place to another. If you compare air conditioner prices in Australia, you will notice that these portable air conditioning can save you a lot of money and they are also energy efficient.

Many companies have also understood the need of portable air conditioners and you will find hundreds of renowned brands that are manufacturing portable air conditioners. Different factors need to be addressed while looking for a portable air conditioner such as energy efficiency, fans speeds, and cooling modes.

1: Frigidaire Gallery

Frigidaire gallery is the best portable air conditioner in the list. The air conditioner is suitable for a 550 feet room. It has 12000 BTU and multiple fan speeds and modes can be found in the air conditioner. The air conditioner saves an approximate of 100$ in a year in terms of electricity bills. With features such as low sound and sleep mode, this is definably worth the money. It only weighs 78 pounds and can be moved easily from one place to another. The company offers five years compressor warranty and the air conditioner is available for the retail price of 800 AUD.

Frigidaire Gallery

2: Whynter

This is the medium range portable air conditioner that is available at 600 AUD on the market. The air conditioner is best for a 550 square feet room and has 12000 BTU. The maximum airflow of this AC is 188 CFM. It offers multiple fan modes, dry mode and easy to use buttons. In case of power failure, the auto restart feature comes in very handy. The air conditioner will help you to save more than 120 AUD every year. All the controls of the air conditioner can be easily operated with the buttons on top. The Whynter is one of the slimmest and lightweight portable AC available in the market. A downside to this product is that you only get 3 years of warranty whereas the Frigidaire offers 5 years.

3: Frigidaire

If you need an AC that can easily cool a 700 square feet room, then this is the best options available in the market. This is 14000 BTU product and it comes with a price tag of 780 AUD. It almost has double air flow that its smaller counterpart and you will get 497 CFM of airflow with this product. It has all the generic features such as multiple modes, fan mode, dry mode, and auto restart mode. The product will help you to save 90 AUD per year. The best part of this product is the LED screen on top which helps you to easily adjust temperature and fan mode. Other features in this product are the auto evaporation system, sleep mode, and programmable timer. The product offers a good feature to weight ratio as it is lighter than other models and weigh only 74 pounds.

4: Haier

This portable air conditioner is for the small room and has the 12000 BTU capacity. The maximum overflow of this machine is 188 CFM and it removes 4 pints per moisture from the air. It offers multiple fan speeds and you can also run this in the dry mode to remove humidity from the air. It has the energy efficacy ratio of 9.5 and saves approximately 120 AUD every year. It is credited as one of the most silent machines out there with the noise level of less than 50. You can operate all the modes with the help of buttons on top of the machine. It lacks the sleep mode that is found in most modern air conditioners. It only weighs 56 pounds and has a retail price of 420 AUD.

5: Friedrich

With 9000 BTU capacity, the machine has the power to cool a room of 400 square feet. The Friedrich air conditioner is available in the market with a price tag of 540 AUD. The machine has a maximum airflow of 212 CFM and can be used as a good dehumidifier. The machine removes more than 5 pints of moisture from the air every hour. With the efficiency ratio of 9.4, it can save up to 120 AUD per year. The machine can be operated with the help of LED screen on top. Other features of this machine include the programmable timer, auto evaporation system and auto restart mode. It only weighs 71 pounds.

6: Sunpentown

Sunpentown air conditioners are one of the finest air conditioners in the world. This portable unit is best for a room of 400 square feet and has 8000 BTU. The maximum airflow of this air conditioner is 185 CFM and it removes 1.9 pints of moisture every hour. You can run this machine in dry mode and can also change the fan speed according to your needs. The machine is less energy efficient as compared to competitors in the market. The AC only weighs 51 pounds and has a noise level of 50 decibels. You can adjust the modes of the air conditioner with the help of LED screen on the top. The company only offer the warranty for a single year.

7: Honeywell

Honeywell is one of the most used air conditioners in Australia. Honeywell portable air conditioner in Australia is available with a price tag of 540 AUD. The air conditioner has 10000 BTU and the air conditioner is recommended for the room of 450 square feet. With the maximum airflow of 174, the machine removes 2.8 pints of moisture from every hour. The machine has multiple fan mode and dry mode as well. The product boasts an impressive 9.5 energy efficiency ratio and saves up to 130 AUD every year in terms of power saving. The machine lacks an LED screen and you will have to adjust speed and mode with the help of buttons on top. The machine weighs 63.9 pounds.

8: LG

LG, one of the leading brand in electronics; also manufacture high-class portable air conditioners. This model is available with a price tag of 620 AUD and it has 14000 BTU. The air conditioner is suitable for a room of 700 square feet. The machine has the maximum airflow of 270 CFM and removes 3.4 pints of moisture with the help of dry mode.

9: NewAir

Newark's portable machines are available at a price of 550 AUD and it has 14000 BTU. It is a good subtitle of LG air conditioner which has a higher price. The machine offers the same features but has a low price. NewAir is suitable for a room of 700 square feet and has a maximum airflow of 250 CFM. You will find multiple fan mode, dry mode, and auto restart features on this machine. You can change modes and airflow with the help of buttons on top of the machine.

10: Amico

Amico air conditioner has 11000 BTU and it is suitable for a room of 550 square feet. The machine has the maximum airflow of 235 CFM and moisture removal rate of 2.5 per hour. It has the energy efficiency ratio of 10.1 and it saves up to 130 AUD. You can control all the feature with the help of buttons on top of the machine.

Final Words

As in summer seasons, Air conditioners are an essential thing to make your day cool and comfortable. The demands of Air Conditioners increases in the summer season which also tends to increase the price of AC. And if you have an AC installed in a room than it is limited to that room So for this problem portable AC is the best option to use. As we have mentioned the top 10 best portable Air Conditioners to purchase in Australia. 


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