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March 19, 2018

Top 10 Best Australian Luxury Watch Brands in Australia

Talking about watch industry, Switzerland is one of the leading producers that has amazed their customers all over the world with the wrists backed by Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, Longines, Raymond Weil, and more.

Japan and Germany are the other major wrist watch producers, and both have few world’s famous luxury watch brands. One country name doesn’t come into your mind in terms of the wrist and luxury watches is Australia. And you may wonder to know that wrist watch industry is growing at a pace in Australia. If you are planning to purchase new wrist watch for yourself and don’t know which watch brands are popular in Australia, this article will definitely help you.

1. Bunda

Manufactured in Switzerland and designed and packed in Australia, the Bunda watch is loaded with all the essentials of a desirable timepiece. According to its manufacturer, this is the best possible watch I have made by using the premium quality parts and materials. The watch has a self-winding automatic luxury sports look wrapped with stunning jewels and attractive color. It is backed by the 5-year extended warranty, and you can use it with a black rubber strap or supple leather.

2. Rebelde

Hacko, the Sydney watchmaker might reside over the self-proclaimed smallest watch brand worldwide, but it doesn’t mean he is not the best in business as far as luxury watch industry is concerned. The company is dedicated to providing highly competitive and foreign quality alike features and specs.

While Rebelde watches include a Swiss-made mechanism along with presumably foreign materials such as titanium or solid gold, and surgical grade stainless steel, they designed, adjusted, and packed in Australia with the impression to prove it.

With the commitment to providing the best quality and exceptional services, it is just like other top-rated Australian products where you will acquire each watch stylishly and durable.

3. Adina

Adina is not only the best watch brand in Australia but one of the oldest as well.  It is Queensland based company which started working back in 1971 and now it has become one of the biggest watchmakers in Australia. Today, the brand is producing 50,000 units a year while using parts from five different nations and hand-finishing in Brisbane factory.

4. Haigh & Hastings

Haigh & Hastings is a Perth based watchmaking company, which is highly popular due to its classical style and unique timepieces. The company got a great recognition and popularity with the release of its stellar M2 Diver timepiece. With a 316L stainless steel case, screw-down crown, scratch resistant crystal sapphire, and Japanese mechanical movement, the M2 Diver was one of the best classic and luxurious watches.

Other models followed Australia’s trademark arenas of racing and aviation. At the same time, a sliding of interchangeable rubber dive bands strengthens the bond between the wearer and the device.


JDRT is another top watch brand, named after its founders. The aim of the company was to produce a kind of watch that could be customised according to the wearer wish. And that’s why they state” We don’t want to style you, instead we want you to style yourself.”

To achieve this aim, they offer the incredible quality basics such as Japanese Miyota movement, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and protection against water up to 100 meters.

They have added The Black Collection and The Bondi Rose Collection to their portfolio. Most importantly, both these unisex ranges are backed by a date function, updated Citizen GM10 movement, and sensational coloring.

If you are curious to buy JDRT wrist watches, then go online and make use of its watch builder platform where you can choose one face type from five and two straps from 18 including fiber and silicon.

The bands are simple and convenient to swap, thanks to the slip-through structure. Not only this, you can purchase extras separately for making a different look for every day and every occasion. If you don't want to customise, or just require some inspiration, you can choose from three pre-built collections.

6. Erroyl

Erroyl is another leading luxury watch brand which is dedicated to providing high-end watches with the great combination of utility and affordability.

Their automatic watches provide timeless beauty and all sorts of the classic look and feel along with excellent little details when you look at little closer. No matter you are considering it in Australia or from outside, Erroyl will give you maximum benefit.

7. Melbourne Watch Company

When it comes to elegance, precise, acclaimed, powerful, and stunning watch experience, Melbourne Watch Company is at its best. Due to its high-quality materials and elegance, the company has got great meteoric success since its launch in 2013. And every Aussie would love to purchase their timepieces on the priority basis.

Their products are manufactured with exceptional quality materials such as scratch resistant crystal sapphire and high-grade 316L stainless steel. When you go to the bottom, there is a trusty Japanese movement. Their Portsea chronometer is already one of the best in business. And best of all, the rates of these wristwatches are not high.

8. Bausele

Christophe Hoppe, a Swiss-raised Sydneysider, released his own Bausele watch firm back in 2011. Each and every piece in the collection offers a resonating extra-large crown having a minor sample of Australian beach sand or coal. Brand’s latest release is the Oceanmoon II, which includes a moon and tide phase, two straps, and 47mm sapphire crystal face.

9. Creux Automatiq

Creux Automatiq is a leading Aussie watch brand, backed by Dane Rumble, which designs are inspired by luxury vehicles and Swiss classic watchmaking. Models like The Ghost, which comprises of a skeletonised date wheel with conventional top quality materials and an elegant bold case, permits the interior of the watch to shine as art while turning your wrist into revolving eye candy.

10. Aegir

Aussies love water activities and Aegir keeps their wishes alive with fantastic dive watches. This luxury and inspirational brand is also a great invention of Todd Caldwell, who began diving the ocean depths due to the escape from his grind in the gas and oil industry. It was down here below the water’s surface that he developed the CD-1, a function-forward timepiece of incredible effectiveness.

The CD-1 was really an instant success with 701M water resistance, painstaking accuracy, versatile leather straps, and highly robust design. It guides to the creation of CD-2 and let its creator continue horology full time. Today, the Australian brand is manufacturing benchmark diver’s watches and getting recognition throughout the globe.


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