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March 11, 2021

The Best Wireless Headphones of 2021 in Australia

When it comes to Best Wireless Headphones of 2021 to Buy in Australia, these are six the Bluetooth earphones and headsets to opt. From Apple AirPods to good audio quality headphones, the choice of these accessories has grown significantly in recent years. The options are multiple, from earphones to put in the ears (in-ear),to those which simply rest in the ears, but also headphones with a headband.

Some models are better suited for sports use (like headphones also suitable for swimming),others are more suitable for use at home, for games, for watching TV or for more professional use. In any case, headphones are now a transversal accessory, used by a large audience.

6 Best Wireless Headphones 2021

1. PowerBeats Pro

The PowerBeats Pro is the Best Wireless Headphone you should wear in 2021 as they are known for the quality Audio and long-lasting battery Life. The brand is recognized for the quality of its audio devices such as wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets. The PowerBeats Pro are good audio quality headphones that will mainly target a sports audience. Why? Quite simply by their design, comfort and support.

The agronomy of the product has been adapted to extreme situations, so among other sports. This is why we find it unhooked at the headphones. Relatively light, these hooks give much more stability, it favours the maintenance of the earpiece to the ear. The hooks being quite hungry, fits very well behind a pair of glasses and are fairly simple to handle and install over the ear.

Nothing to do with the old hooks that could be found on old microcomputers. Do you know what I'm talking about? The stuff is huge which gives you the impression that an ear tore off as soon as you tried to hang it on your poor ears.

For the rest, the PowerBeats Pro has a very wide and homogeneous frequency response making it very pleasant to listen to, the mids are well defined, the distortion of the sound is very well managed by the product, the use is simple and the controls very complete.

Easy and quick to kill, they are however others of the same chip as the AirPod allowing them to pair with all Apple products without a problem. Do not forget to emphasize that the wireless connection is very stable and above all, we applaud the very long battery life of the headphones which can go up to 10 hours.

However, if you had to choose this pair of headphones expect a lack of smoothness in the high mids, a more than average mic outdoors and especially the extreme bass and treble could have been perfected and no precise indicator of the battery level.

Finally, the brand promises resistance to water and sweat but cannot guarantee it on the certificates. According to several reviews, although the certificate is not present, sweat and water droplets do not affect the headphones at all.

2. Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Once again, there is no need to introduce the brand to you. From the sound reproduction is its great astonishment very well balanced, the bass is deep, punchy and well defined, the latency is extremely low or even nonexistent, the wireless collection is perfectly stable, the headphones are comfortable and the aesthetic effort is to be applauded.

Indeed, the box is elegant, robust and well finished. The frame is made of plastic and almost completely covered in very classy grey fabric. The box is quite small and fits very easily into a pocket. The headphones also have good audio quality and have a plastic frame.

Their flat surface is embellished with the brand's logo with a thin layer of aluminium on top to protect it. They are certified water-resistant and 4 sizes of silicone tips are provided to allow everyone to find their suitable tip.

The transparent mode is present for you to stay connected to the environment around you. Pairing is quick and easy with any device. Unfortunately, some negative points are also to be noted. We find a feeling a little too pronounced in the treble on some are very particular. Nothing serious, but it can get in the way of physical exercise.

The multipoint connection is absent, the controls are more intuitive and frankly, there is something to get lost for those who already use this kind of device and finally the microphone is very sensitive to the wind. We will therefore avoid making an important call on the seaside.

3. Liberty 2 Pro


We are happy to integrate this small Chinese brand in our list of Best Bluetooth headphones. And although small, it already promises a lot with its Liberty 2 Pro. Very comfortable to wear, the brand provides 6 at the end with its headphones.

Nothing to envy the others, the headphones enjoy a battery life of 8 hours without worry. Water-resistant, their greatest strength is the adjustment of hearing. This feature offers you to intelligently test your hearing and thus create a tailor-made sound profile for you.

If you do not want to take the test, 22 features are already present by default, allowing you to find the one that suits you best. Once again, we find a very good adhesion to the ear despite the small size of the earpiece and the metal-frame speakers pay off on the audio quality of the headphones.

4. Jabra Elite 75t


Jabra had already hit hard with his old model. So these are the big brothers who came out not so long ago. The brand has also taken careful note of the small complaints that may have been made, especially on the size of the case which was very impressive.

Now, it is smaller and above all flatter allowing it to fit very easily in a pocket and it can also stand upright. The Danish firm continues the momentum and offers us compact and fashionable headphones. It resists rain and sweat without a problem and is certified.

Pairing is quick and easy and there are no blackouts, providing very stable connectivity. The buttons are not tactile, making it easier to take control of the controls. Another positive point, the frequency response is very wide, the mids are well defined and detailed, the autonomy remains solid with 7 hours of holding without difficulty, the vocal and multilingual assistance and the controls are complete and completely customizable.

Some small defects can make regret the previous version mainly an imbalance in the first part of the audio spectrum as well as a concern for extreme precision which can become annoying on some music. Jabra, therefore, offers us a rather well-defined product once again and remains one of the best-positioned brands in its category.

5. AirPods Pro

Of course, Apple is among our top. And while the first generation AirPods are extremely satisfying, the pro version is only better. The tone is extremely clean, transparent and versatile. The AirPods Pro are water-resistant and they are certified and the case is compatible with wireless charging, enough to make the competition blush. But as always, nothing is perfect and Apple is no different.

The active and very effective noise reduction, comfort and support are of course there for all ears, the extensive integration into the Apple ecosystem is more than perfect, the pressure controls at the rods are very good finished and they are appreciable and the hands-free kit is one of the best on the market.

We, therefore, regret that no volume adjustment we are possible with the headphones. They are much less easy to pair and use on a non-Apple device and their autonomy does not exceed 5:30 hours. This is not already good and we are far from certain brands which can sometimes reach double.

As always, we find the shiny plastic signed Apple which, besides, tends to catch micro-scratches easily. With just one connection, it is possible to connect all branded devices without a problem. To satisfy all ears, 5 sizes of silicone tips are supplied with the case. The earphone rods are equipped with a force sensor to pause or play your music.

Finally, a proximity sensor to automatically put the headphones on standby when they are removed from the ear and present as well as a transparency mode that allows you to stay alert of the environment around you.

6. Sony WF-1000 XM3


If you are looking for the good audio quality as well as Noise Reduction, Sony WF-1000 XM3 is the Best Wireless earphone in 2021. Sony takes the first step of the podium with its unbeatable wireless headphones today. Equipped with the best noise reduction technology on the market on all types of headphones, wired or not.

The sound reproduction is perfectly balanced and precise. The highs are clear, the lows are responsive and no distortion is present and the timbre respect is perfect. Of course, the comfort and support to the ear are excellent and the Bluetooth is stable. Sony headphones have a battery life of 6.30 hours using noise reduction and gain 2 hours when deactivated.

The controls are rich and customizable at will. Of course, some negative points are also noted. Among other things, the dynamics are set back when noise reduction is activated, especially in a busy environment.

Finally, the hands-free kit becomes unusable in a noisy environment. Sony has put some serious effort into the design with a copper tint that covers the case. Everyone has their own tastes, but the effort is remarkable.

The old Sony headphones were quite big again the brand has made progress by seriously reducing the size of these headphones and giving them a nice tapered profile making them more discreet. Sony also provides 4 sizes of silicone and 3 foam ear tips to suit everyone's needs. Unfortunately, Sony headphones do not have any certification for water resistance, so take them out on heavy rainy days.

The controls are on the 2 touch surfaces of the headphones which are quite easily taken in the hand. However, it will take time to get used to these commands especially if it is your first pair. Finally, port detectors are present and the Sony support is extremely well designed and facilitates the personalization of sound and controls.

Final Words

These wireless headphones are the best known on the market. What do you think of these models? Do you know other brands or other models that deserve to be on this top? If you are looking for more wireless earbuds, game accessories, or any other wireless accessories, visit our online store. Paylessdeal offers you a wide catalogue of products at cheap price rates as it uses the best online price comparison ratio tool that allows you to shop your desired products at minimal price rates. 


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