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May 3, 2019

Telstra TV 3 Review – Entire Control with One Remote Thanks to the Addition of Voice Control

When we got our hands on Telstra's quite popular second-generation TV streaming box, everyone said, "it was an excellent development in the popular original." Indeed, it was a pretty major upgrade to a Live TV tuner, universal searching, 4K support with HEVC video for smoother Netflix striving and a lot more from the first entry of the series.

More than a year later, Telstra has upgraded its Telstra's TV again with Telstra TV 3 in Australia to house the Box Office movie streaming and the latest voice controls. As compared to the last year's Telstra TV, this third-generation streaming box houses a glossier and smaller form-factor and comes loaded with an improved wireless remote control with voice control. What else does it bring along? Let’s find out in our Telstra TV 3 Review below!

Latest Features of Telstra TV 3

The latest and greatest feature of Telstra TV 3 includes voice search functions, a handy computer application for your smartphone and the ability to remotely control your TV and Telstra TV 3.

You will find the Telstra TV 3's voice search feature an upgrade if you have ever attempted to enter the name of a movie or TV-Show into an older Telstra TV with remote control and click navigation. All you must do to use the voice search is to push the voice speaker button on the remote and say "Search for".

According to the online sources, this additional voice search feature works accurately and it had no problem understanding terms such as "Harry Potter", Russian Doll", Steven Universe", and others. However, it did a little struggle understanding the titles i.e. "Amadeus", Howl's Moving Castle" and Code Geass".

Interestingly, it’s capable to control your TV’s power as well as a volume with the same remote which can control the Telstra TV. Hence, no more remote-control mess and no more scrabbling with different remotes to get the right one.

Telstra TV’s most interesting feature is the companion phone app. The app is around for a while and it feels like a little attention grabber in its past iterations. It was actually the universal search feature of Telstra TV – but it was on your phone. It can add shows and movies to a “Watch List”, and can also use your phone as a remote for your Telstra TV if you like to plan your entertainment on the move.

The app in Telstra TV 3, however, enables you to watch TV and movies on the biggest screen with headphones on. This feature is named “Private Listening”, so long as you are connected with your phone and your phone is partnered with Telstra TV through the app. Moreover, this “Private Listening” feature also enables you to use any headphones.

Telstra TV 3 Design

Telstra improved the Telstra TV between the first model and the Telstra TV 2, but the difference with the 3rd generation model is apparently not very apparent. It is the same layout as the Telstra TV 2 for a flat dinner. It's a little larger, with the small purple Roku flag sticking out the side than some competing set-top boxes. That's because the US streaming box mavens Roku are tied together by Telstra. Basically, what you get by buying Telstra TV 3 is a custom Telstra firmware Roku box.

Telstra TV connects to any HDMI-compliant TV, optional Ethernet power as well as a single USB port used with Roku browser application to play on media. This latest model still is the larger device by streaming box standards - although it's not really as big as, say, the Fetch Mighty. The Remote-Control Telstra TV 3 also has been slightly redesigned by Telstra. It still has the same squishy buttons, so it feels a bit cheap. Foxtel and Netflix are connected with direct access buttons and are connected to them by power buttons that control your TV and sound system via HDMI CEC.

What is Good?

The new Telstra TV 3 is a lot to love. For the beginners, everything from Telstra TV 2 is back. All standard streaming apps such as Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, etc. and live TV access are available, all of which are remotely controlled.  In addition to its list of supported apps, Telstra TV recently included Amazon Prime Video. This is great news for Australian citizens eager to view their increasing number of exclusive shows of the best quality such as The Grand Tour, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hanna, and Good Omens.

Telstra's TV streaming applications plus a live TV feature combine in the highly beneficial universal search function, enabling you to look for TV shows and movies across apps, live TV, and the film and TV rental company Telstra TV Box Office.

What isn’t Good?

Although Telstra TV 3 provides up to 38 downloadable and streaming apps, it still feels less than complete. The streaming device is a new-brand box from a US company known as Roku, according to sources during their Telstra TV 2 review. If you buy the box in the USA, it would make Telstra's 38 feel quite muddled by comparison, literally, thousands of apps. You may not have to choose several thousand TV applications, but it's nice to choose more. It is strange, for example, for Telstra TV, whereas TuneIn and iHeart Radio were connected to music, Spotify could not be added too. Competitor device "Apple TV" is offering its users an extensive number of apps beyond just streaming services - including yoga apps, recipe apps, games, even the Ikea catalog.

Other Features

  • Your All Entertainment in One Place

This Telstra TV 3 comes with the biggest brands in entertainment. TV Shows, Live Sport, Stream Movies, Music and much more. Moreover, you can watch free to air TV as well.

  • Content-led Home Screen

Are you confused about what exactly you are looking for? Telstra TV 3 lets you discover content from the home screen and Telstra TV App without even opening an individual app. This device remembers all of your usages and gives you suggestions for what to watch next.

  • Search Smarter

Telstra TV is the first live TV, catch-up and search function integrated in Australia. Telstra TV Smart Search simultaneously searches for specific movies, TV, and people across the largest brands in entertainment. This includes Animelab, Garage Entertainment, Hayu, Stan, Netflix, Foxtel Now, Free-to-Air, DocPlay and more.

  • Entire Control from Remote Control

This Wi-Fi enabled Telstra TV’s enhanced Remote allows you to control more of your television. Turn the volume up, Power on, or control your entertainment from the single remote.

  • Live TV Made Better

Don't miss a Live Pause moment, when you can pause and rewind live TV free of charge for up to 30 minutes. Instant playback allows you to relive key moments for 10 seconds. Plus, integrated on-demand services might help you catch up if you missed your show.

  • Control Everything with Your Voice

Simply ask to search, pause and play movies as well as TV shows. Also, change apps, channels and much more. Everything is done with your voice only.

  • High-Quality Entertainment

Telstra TV 3 lets you stream movies and TV in 4K HDR quality across an extensive range of entertainment provides – while using a small amount of data and bandwidth with HEVC encoding support. Only 4K compatible TV. Providers who support 4K such as Curiosity Stream, Netflix, Plex, YouTube, and Stan.

  • At Home and On the Go

You can now search and discover content even on the go thanks to the Telstra App. Find content you love, save it for later, use it as a second remote at home or you can create a wish list. Furthermore, with the feature “Private Listening”, you can listen to the audio from Telstra TV on your smartphone and headphones.

Telstra TV 3 Pros

  • Telstra phone app works perfectly
  • Direct Tv control from remote
  • Listen to your TV with headphones
  • Voice control feature

Telstra TV Cons

  • Occasionally quite slow to respond
  • Streaming apps are not limited
  • You must remain with Telstra to get full use

Price and Availability

The official availability of Telstra TV 3 is now confirmed and one can get their hands on one with immediate effects. Taking a look at Telstra TV 3 Price in Australia, it set users back AU$216 or $9/month for 1 year/24 month. Be noted that AU$9.95 will be charged as shipping charges. When you place your order, you will get a bonus $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit, for a limited time. All you have to do is to activate and redeem the offer before August of 26th 2019.


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