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March 29, 2019

Sony RX0 II Review – Sony’s 4K Video Recording Cam which Houses a Flip Screen and Eye AF

A day before yesterday, Sony announced its latest and coolest digital camera named RX0 II, an RX0 successor, which is water-resistant, stowage-resistant, crush-resistant, and extremely compact. Compared to the previous model, the most significant changes are the capability to record 4K/30 internally (full pixel reading and no binning pixel). There is now a fully - tiltable LCD screen of up to 180 degrees up to 90 degrees that work underwater and that is also necessary to implement much - requested solutions for image stabilization (in - body electronic stabilization).

According to Sony, a certain camera functionality can be further improved by exporting the images to a smartphone or tablet running the "Movie Edit Add-on" application. Add-ons can be processed to create videos with smoothness similar to those captured in filming. Another new feature accessible through the "Movie Edit Add-on" from Sony is' Intelligent Framing' which holds the subject selected in the middle of the frame and corrects the distortion of the image in its end editing process. The required aspect ratio can then be selected depending on where the video is shared. Some of the additional features Sony EX0 II is loaded with include Super Slow Motion video recording at up to 1000 frames per second, uncompressed 4K HDMI output and immediate proxy movie recording. Let’s keep going to find out more!

Sony RX0II Specs

  • Zeiss Tessar T* 24mm F4 Fixed Wide-angle Lens
  • Flip Screen (Up to 180-Degree and down to 90-Degree)
  • Type Stacked 15.3MP Camera Lens
  • Internal 4K Video Recording (Up to 100Mbps)
  • In-body New Electronic Image Stabilization Solutions
  • S-Log2 Picture Profile
  • ISO Range: 80-12800
  • Waterproof (Up to 10 Meters deep)
  • Clear Image Zoom
  • Microphone Input
  • Super Slow Motion Recording at 1000fps
  • Shockproof Up to 2 meters and Crushproof Up to 200KG Force
  • Multi-camera Solution Option
  • Microphone Input Jack and Shooting Grip
  • Advanced Functionality

Ideal for all Conditions

This second iteration is almost the same with the original RX0 – it's thicker, as there's a small joined screen to help you better capture your silences and videos. Sony claims that the RX0 II is the smallest and lightest high-premium ultra-compact cam in the world, despite the additional feature. The RX0 II uses the same lens as its predecessor and also uses the same battery and shares the same ports, but it captures 4K image images and can still shoot with different creative styles and imagery effects. Eye Autofocus from Sony has also found its way to the RX0 II, and a little upgrade has also been given. Sony has improved the overall speed, the accuracy and operation of the Eye AF function, making it faster and easier for people to capture - it takes just half a shutter press.

The RX0 II is truly a hassle-free or worry-free digital camera that no other camera can go. The RX0 II is easy to fit into a pocket, measuring 59 mm x 40.5 mm x 35mm with an actual weight 132 g, and is prepared for everything that elements might throw on. Up to 10 m deep, it is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof up to 2 m, and up to 200KG crushproof.

"The RX0's development goal was to build a camera that allowed for new creative expressions with its shape factor and technological capabilities," said Yann Salmon Legagneur, Sony Europe's Product Marketing Director for Digital Imaging. "We build on this with the new RX0 II and added functionality that makes it an ideal camera for any type of travel and is equally effective with a silent or video camera across an enormous range of scenarios for shooting and blocking", he further added.

Precision Shooting

In addition to its video capabilities, the RX0 II has a wide range of silent photography features. It is equipped with a 1/32000 sec anti-distortion shutter and can take up to 16 fps to capture every moment of emotion which passes through the face of the subject. The original RX0 upgrade has enhanced the colour reproduction to reproduce natural and vivid human skin colours and the optional' Soft Skin Effect' can also be used to cover small defects. Continuously-shooting images on the camera can be viewed in the group and protected functions in the camera.

Sony's Eye AF, which is very popular in portrait photographers all over the world, is upgraded to RX0 II. Eye AF has improved its speed, accuracy, and operation to make it even easier to capture a stunning portrait; the subject is locked in the eye with just half a press of the shutter button. The focused eye (left /right/auto) can be chosen in the menu or assigned to a custom touch so that the user concentrates on the structure. For interval shooting the camera may be set and the results can be edited into amazing time-lapse videos using the Sony "Imaging Edge" desktop app Viewer.

Movies and much more

The RX0 II offers 4K 30p internal movie capture with full pixel reading and no pixel binning to gather roughly 1.7 times the required amount of data for 4K video. This over-sample reduces the look of more and jaggies and produces smooth 4K footages with exceptional detail and depth. This footage can be transferred to a smartphone, easily edited and shared across social networks using the recently launched Sony "Imaging EdgeTM" mobile application.

Even when handheld, the RX0 II introduces electronic stabilization in the body for steady images. This can be a further enhancement when images are exported to a "Movie Edit Add-on" smartphone or tablet where additional information collected by the screen can be processed for gimbal-like smoothness video production. Another new function accessible via Sony's "Movie Edit addition" is "Smart Framing" which holds the selected subject in the center of the frame and image distortion is finally corrected. The required aspect ratio can then be selected depending on where the video is shared. The RX0 II's additional movie functions include recording Super Slow Motion to 1000 fps, 4K HDMI output uncompressed and film proxy simultaneous capturing. To ensure an end result that exactly matches their creative vision, users are allowed to use image profile, S-Log2 and the time code / user-bit functions.

Multi-camera Options

While using Sony’s “Imaging Edge Mobile” application, one can easily control up to 5 Sony RX0 II cameras wirelessly and between 6 to 50 cameras will be capable to be controlled through an access point which is scheduled to be landed somewhere in Summer 2019. Interestingly, Sony’s RX0 II is also compatible with a Camera Control Box CCB-WD1 which allows around 100 or more cameras to be connected and controlled in a wired multi-camera configuration. That multi-camera solutions unlock an entirely new world of photo opportunities and free video expression from any viewpoint which a user always wishes to pursue.

Sony RX0 II Release Date

The newly announced Sony RX0II is all set to land officially in Europe somewhere in May 2019. The official Sony RX0II Release Date in Australia isn’t decided yet – even Sony itself didn’t reveal when (or if) it arrives on stores. However, putting an educated guess, it’s expected to arrive in Australia in late June or most probably in July 2019. Keep visiting as we will have it updated as soon as we hear more.

Sony RX0 II Price

Talking about Sony RX0 II Price in Australia, it’s unknown, for now, as well – very much like its official release date. It’s, however, all set to be landed at a whopping €800 which after conversion comes to around AU$1266.


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