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August 20, 2019

Sony PlayStation 5: Leaks, Rumours, Specifications, and Pricing Details

Another super-powerful and features enriched PlayStation console is in manufacturing. The Next-gen Gaming Console is all set to be better, bigger and exceptional gaming machine as compared to any PlayStation around. What will it be called? Whether it ends up being named PS5 or PlayStation 5, we are damn sure that a console is coming soon.

According to the chief architect on Sony’s next-gen console Mr. Cerny, Sony is currently working on a successor of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro with a plethora of impressive features. The Upcoming PlayStation 5, according to Cerny, will still play discs but as far Sony PS5 Specs are concerned and how will it link up with Sony and Microsoft’s plans, we are short on words on, for now. Luckily, there is abundant evidence and we have gathered it all here on this single page to make things less complicated for you. Keep scrolling to find everything you need to know about PlayStation 5.

Sony PS5 Release Date:

Things are pretty blurred, for now, as most of the sources have claimed that PS5 Launch Date is somewhere in 2020. According to a report published by Twinfinite, PS5 will start hitting shelves in November 2020. Microsoft, on the other hand, confirmed Project Scarlett for a Holiday 2020 release – therefore, it makes sense for Sony to compete it with its PS5 in 2020.

Besides, a source in August 2019 claimed that Sony will launch its PS5 at a special PlayStation Meeting in February 2020. The last meeting for PS4 Pro was, however, back in 2016.

Sony PS5 Price:

When will it break over and how much will it set users back? First of all, a predecessor PlayStation 4 originally launched at 599 AUD and when it was reinvented as PS4 Slim it started selling for 442 AUD and up. The super-powerful PS4, on the other hand, landed at 599 AUD – matching an original PS4 on that score.

The question now is how much Sony PS5 will set users back? It’s most likely that the final Sony PS5 Price will be a touch higher – very much like Xbox One X. According to the most recent predictions, users have to pay approx. 735 AUD to get their hands on PS5 when it arrives.

Sony PS5 Official Information

The official announcements about PS5 in an exclusive interview of PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny with a website “Wired” include:

The next next-gen console isn’t going to be launched in 2019. It’ll, however, arrive somewhere in 2020. Well, Mr. Cerny didn’t refer to a console like PS5 or PlayStation 5. Cerny further confirmed that PS5’s CPU will be based on 3rd generation of AMD’s Ryzen line of processors and sports 8-cores of Sony’s 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The GPU, on the other hand, has been confirmed as a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family which will be able to support ray tracing. Cerny has also verified that the PS5's AMD chip has a catered 3D audio device that delivers much more immersive sound in the game. The PlayStation VR headset is PS5 compliant and, though Cerny would not comment on the incoming fresh PSVR headset, he said: "VR is very essential to us." Cerny confirmed PlayStation 5 would be mounted on the PS5 dev box, which will load18 times quicker than in PS4 and is subsequently demoted by a PS5 Devkit.

Cerny stated that the PS5 can also make 2D worlds quicker than PS4 thanks to the latest SSD. That means that the players will be able to move through bigger game worlds more quickly while remaining faithful. Cerny affirmed that 8K graphics will be supported by PlayStation 5 even if it stays in what ability and if that is indigenous 8K.

PlayStation 5 Features:

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sony PS5 is going to be fast – in fact, very fast. It’ll be capable enough to offer dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds. The features we have heard include:

  • Sony PS5 Design Concept

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the engineering department of Sony for insiders, but it keeps getting thinner, smaller and faster, of course. Therefore, we would say that more than five years after the initial launch of PS4, the PlayStation 5 is a fine-looking console, in particular with Sony's prior track record. Obviously, the PS5 is generally gorgeous and smaller, but we do not expect the PS5 all-in to be on the cloud and fall into a small Blu-ray box setting even with an increase in broadband speed and increased streaming.

  • Next-gen Processors

The PS5 will be powered by an 8-cores 7-nanometer AMD CPU – using the same Zen 2 microarchitecture. Very much like its predecessor, it’ll use an AMD Radeon graphics processor which will support ray-tracing technology. Rest of the information can be picked up from leaked patent of PS5 which indicates that Sony with PS5 will reduce the load times when it arrives.

Based on a report from Gamesradar, the patent is called a system and process for loading soft play gaming software dynamically. The patent describes how the console tracks the position of the player in the game. When it detects a load limit approaching – the border of the nearest setting – the game will pre-load the next field of the game in advance. When the player approaches, it will hopefully become something of the past to load the screens, dividing the game into sections and loading them in actual time.

  • Game Streaming

The agreement between Sony and Microsoft has changed the future of the PS5. Under the new contract (as reported by BBC News),Sony will use the Azure Cloud platform of Microsoft to launch its own comprehensive game streaming, sharing "artificial intelligence and semiconductor applications” to catch up with an ever-growing market. Sony already provides a PS Now game streaming service, which would be 35-40% of the global streaming market for games. Currently the platform is restricted to older titles, but that is to say that Sony is quite frank about Microsoft.

  • 8K Resolution Support

The predecessor PS4 Pro is being supported by 1080 pixels by 1440 pixels and 4K resolution. The upcoming PS5 is now going to be supported by 8K resolution. Cerny has explained that it’ll offer 8K resolution which is the most interesting thing as there aren’t too many 8K TVs on sale this time around. Not only this but PS5 will also be able to play regular 4K games at 120Hz – according to CEO Jim Ryan. Thus, it’s twice the refresh rate as compared to the TV’s around allow.

  • PSVR Support

There is nothing to be surprised here as again, Cerny deliberately was vague about PSVR apart from confirming that Sony is trying to enhance and continue to promote PSVR for a significant portion of the kit. Maybe this large chunky processor unit is incorporated into the console? No one knows, as of now.

Sony PS5: Other Rumours:

Cross-generational playback will also be part of the PS5, enabling players to play advanced Sony PS5 Games from PS4 games, using Sony servers and backward compatibility. It was confirmed by the Jim Ryan, Sony's PlayStation CEO in an interview with CNET, who has also confirmed that all PS5 consoles have SSDs and can play indigenous 4K games.

Not so long ago, we mentioned in our previous articles that the PS5 could not give solid-state storage (SSD) without costing the ground. Just to say we are eating our words as Mark Cerny has verified that in the latest SSD console, loading times are up to 15 times faster in supervised trials carried out during a Wired interview.

That is all we know about Sony PlayStation 5 so far. We are keeping an eye on it and we will have this page updated as soon as more details drop or we learn more about it.


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