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August 13, 2018

Sony A7 III Review: Touchscreen and Dual SD Memory Card Slots

Sony has maintained its position as one of the most appealing and high performing camera brand in the world. Sony had produced cameras that possess some of the most amazing features along with some highly professional modes of operating. Once again Sony had been able to stay at the top and dominating the market share with its new SonyA7IIIAustralia, which had catered a very good response from the market of Australia due to its unique features of touchscreen and AF Joystick. This camera also includes the feature of quick charging which enables its users to spend less time in charging the gadget. 

Sony A7 III Release Date in Australia

Sony A7 III release date Australia was in the month of March (2018). While previously it was said that Sony might release this camera in the middle of the year, but it actually got released in March. Soon after the release of A7 III, the camera had received a very good response from the market of Australia due to its state of the art technology and some unique new features

Sony A7 III Price in Australia

Sony A7 III price Australia is in between the range of 2500-3000 AUD, whereas the price may depend on the kind of lens you are getting along with the camera. If you are getting a normal lens than the price would be a bit low and if you are getting a wide lens than the price would be bit higher. However, the price of this camera is somehow similar to the price of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10 IV.


Sony A7 III specifications include a 24.2-megapixel close flawless all-around mirrorless camera lens, touchscreen, and USB 3.1 Type C. You can fire continuous shots at 10 fps, catch sharp pictures with amazing unique range day or night, and self-adjust precisely on quick moving subjects or representations on this amazing camera by Sony. It handles the light balance exceptionally well and catches the keenest 4K video of any full-outline mirrorless camera available, aside from Sony's considerably more expensive model Sony A9. A7 III also include 5-Axis optical in-camera image stabilization which ensures the ultimate image quality by balancing out the factor of image stabilization.

Body and Design

The body of this camera is amazing as this time Sony has properly worked on body detailing for this camera, which makes it more advanced in terms of body and overall design. The body of this camera has also an additional factor of easy-grip inserted in the body of A7 III, which makes it easy to carry as compared to other cameras. The A7 III has put on a touch of weight (50 grams) in the course of the last model, however, for a full-outline camera, it's still quite light. This camera possesses a weight of about 650 grams (1.43 pounds),which is less than Nikon D750 which has a weight of about 750-grams. The body has a satisfying heave and a size that is extraordinary for photo shooting and far superior for video, where additional weight really assists with solidness.


The A7 III has a bigger, more agreeable grasp and a significantly greater, 2,280mAh battery than the Sony A7 II, which has a 1,020mAh battery. Therefore, A7 III enables the individuals to take more than 700 shots per charge which makes its battery life an advanced one. This camera by Sony also includes the feature of quick charging which enables its users to spend less time in charging the gadget and more time in clicking photos. Moreover, the operating system of this camera is also highly effective when it comes to the battery consumption as it consumes less battery while minimizing the overall load.


The A7 III has an awesome supplement of ports, including USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Sort C),miniaturized scale USB, PC interface, HDMI smaller scale, and 3.5mm earphone and amplifier ports. This camera provides a good quality of connectivity with other gadgets and devices which increases the level of credibility of this amazing camera by Sony. 


The A7 III currently has two SD card openings, yet just a single of them bolsters UHS-II. That is an irregular decision, since you'll have to spend boatloads of money on a card in the event that you need UHS-II speeds, yet you won't get them when it's embedded into the non-UHS-II space. The two SD memory card gives an opportunity to individuals who operate this camera on a highly professional level, as by this feature an individual can save loads of data while shooting a great deal of content. According to various camera users, this feature is the most amazing one, as it is not present in most other cameras.


The touchscreen is also an amazing feature of this camera which attracts individuals who love to see innovation in everything and a touchscreen of this camera attracts them to a great value. Furthermost, the touchscreen enables its users to change the setting quickly with the help of touch press by opening any setting with a single click. Previously the things which were to be operated by pressing various buttons on the back panel of the camera can now be done with a single touch with the new A7 III.

4K Shooting

A7 III also provides an ultimate shooting experience which leads up to 4K video shooting. The 4K shooting mode of this camera makes more effective to shoot a professional video at a high resolution, making it the most essential camera to support 4K shooting. Moreover, this mode also enables the individuals to take images that have a very high zooming capacity. A high zooming capacity is always precious for people who operate camera it is the zooming capacity which gives you an opportunity to click or shoot distant objects to magnify the impact of video or image. Zooming capacity is also used by professionals in order to shoot an establishing shot for their video.


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