Sonos One Review

By LucyEva 2 months ago

Voice controlled speakers have taken the world by storm. The most famous voice controlled speakers in the market are Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Home Pod. These companies were the pioneer in the voice-controlled speaker genre but they have stopped bringing innovation in their products. Sonos is the company that has been making multimedia speakers from quite a long time and now they have announced their new voice-controlled speaker, termed Sonos one. The speaker was unveiled on October 4 and Sonos one price in Australia will be 330 dollars. Sonos One will also add Google Assistant support next year and this is the major speaker that will support multiple platforms. Sonos will definitely be the frontrunner in the smart speaker genre in years to come.

You need to cater different features when comparing portable speakers and most important features are the sound quality and price. Sonos one, singlehandedly excels in both departments.

Sonos One: Basics

The design of Sonos one is same as that of Play speakers. The speakers can be set up with the help of Sonos app and to connect the speakers to Alexa, you need be authorized with Alexa. An overhaul that the device has got is in terms of user controls. The push buttons have been replaced with smooth touch control system. You can easily tap the device to increase or decrease the volume, the same can be done to change the tracks. You can easily toggle between the activation of voice controls when you graze your hand over the speakers. This feature will help you to turn off the voice control when you are listening to music and talking at the same time with other people. A downside to the design is that volume icons are not easily recognizable and it takes some time to be familiar with them. Sonos one is the cheap alternative to other expensive smart speakers in the market.

Sonos One: Experience

Sonos One provides an excellent quality sound without being the nuisance to the ears. The speakers have equipped the six microphones and can identify the voice from all parts of the room. During the test of these speakers, we played different types of sound including ballad, rock, and pop and we could hear all the sounds perfectly and clearly. Google and Apple and also launching new speakers next year and it is expected that Sonos will pose a tough threat to them. Best Sonos one deals in Australia can be availed from multiple online stores and physical vendors all over the country.

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