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December 3, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Huge 10.5 Inches Display, 6GB RAM and 7300mAh Battery

Tablets by Samsung had always been a focal strength of the brand due to its highly latest technology setup and innovative software which entirely increase the overall performance of the device. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Australia includes a gigantic 10.5 inches of a screen display which serves as the best screen for the type of this tablet. It also includes a 4GB/6GB of RAM, 64GB/256GB of internal storage capacity, single but powerful back and front camera, and a powerful 7300mAh battery. All of these features make this device by Samsung and highly innovative device and allows the users to explore the depths of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Release Date in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release date Australia was in the month of August (2018) and ever since this amazing and innovative device had been getting a very good response from the users and as well as in terms of its sales. The release of this device by Samsung had shown the real strength and had realized us what Samsung is capable of doing with huge display devices. Soon after the release of this tablet by Samsung, it had given a tough competition to other tablets such as HPChromebook X2andXiaomi Mi Pad 4.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Price in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 price Australia is in between the range of 1100-1200 AUD, however, if we compare the price of this tablet with some the tablets of some other brands then the price of this is pretty reasonable. At a price like a device provides some of the most amazing features such as a huge display with a powerful battery. It is also to be noted that the price of this tablet is less than the price of Apple iPad ProandMicrosoft Surface Pro.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 specifications include a gigantic 10.5 inches of screen display. It also includes;

  • Super AMOLED display
  • 78.6% of the screen to body ratio
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Snapdragon 835
  • Octa-core processor
  • Adreno 540
  • MicroSD supportive
  • 4/6GB of RAM
  • 64/256GB of internal storage capacity
  • 13MP back camera
  • 8MP front camera
  • Quick charging
  • 7300mAh battery


This tablet comes with a 4 and 6GB of RAM and 64 and 256GB of internal storage capacity. The internal storage capacity can be further increased with the help of a microSD card, but Samsung is pretty much sure that you won’t need it due to a high internal storage which is already being provided to its users. Due to the reason of its high internal storage, now the individuals can be free to save as much data as they want as Samsung had made it possible in Tab S4 to be a good storage device for the users. Internal storage capacity provided in the “256GB” variable of Tab S4 provides an enormous amount of storage to be ever required by any tablet user.


The new Samsung Tab can be seen to have an enormous camera setup which consists of a single but powerful back camera lens. It is due to the factor to high performing 13MP camera setup that this device is expected to take some of the most amazing images from the back camera of this device. The camera of this device is also expected to have the feature of "Beauty Mode" which gives an edge to the camera of this tablet as not many tabs are having this feature. What this implies in this setting is difficult to state, yet given the business inclines, it's imaginable some type of scene acknowledgment. While the camera equipment looks great, we'll need to sit tight for some example pictures to appear before making a judgment. While the front of this camera has an 8MP lens which takes some of the most amazing selfies. Some people might have some concerns regarding the low MP back and front camera of this device, but it’s not the lens where the real magic happens, but it is the in-built software camera software at where the real magic happens which provides some of the most fascinating images.


Tab S4 provides an HD+ resolution which would support up to 1080p on a display screen which would be more than 10.5 inches. The overall display size and resolution of this new tab is highly appreciated by the users of Samsung. This tablet by Samsung also possesses a high functioning Iris scanner at the top of the display. The Iris scanner in this amazing device is highly sensitive to touch and the main reason for this is to provide the users with quick phone unlocking. However, a bigger display like this tab provides a smooth experience on this device. Tablets usually have a bigger display as compared to smartphones but this new Tab S4 provides an even bigger display as compared to most of the other tablets in the market.


Tab S4 has an enormous 7300mAh battery which enables to have maximum battery time. This means you would not need to charge this device more than once a day. Due to the battery power of this device, it can easily be said that the battery of this device will last throughout the day. The device will have the capacity to energize through its USB port and security of this battery is taken care of through a back mounted unique mark battery case. This device also comes with the element of quick charging. Which means that the charging on this upcoming device by Samsung will take less time and once the device will be charged it will provide the maximum running time. It is due to the huge battery of this tab that the device might also run for 2 days on a single charge. Since the release of this smart tablet, it had gained a huge appreciation for its amazing battery timing.


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