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July 30, 2018

Samsung Galaxy A2 XL Tablet: Advanced and Affordable Tablet by Samsung

After dominating the market of smartphone, Samsung is all set to come up with A2 XL tablet. This tablet by Samsung is said to contain some of the states of the art technology along with highly advanced features. Some of Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 XL features include a 10.5 inches, 319.7 cm2 (76.4% screen-to-body ratio) and up to 32GB of internal storage. However, most of the information on this tablet by Samsung is based on rumors and leaks, but it is evident to make some logical predictions about this upcoming device by none other than Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 XL Release Date in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 XL release date in Australia is said to be in the month of September, while some of the predictions claim that this tablet will release in the month of December just before New Year (2019). This tab will be released in some parts of the world at the start of September (2018) but will come after a gap of some days in Australia. This tablet is said to encounter a very good response as soon as it will release in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 Price in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 price in Australia is predicted to be in the range of 500-600 AUD. the exact price is not revealed by Samsung until now but according to the price of several previous tablets by Samsung, the price is said to be somewhere near 550 AUD. According to market exerts the price of this tablet is a big plus point for it as it provides some of the latest features along with a very decent price. In Australia, a tablet on a price like this will be appreciated by people for the fact of it being affordable yet advanced.


This new tablet by Samsung has a 10.5-inch LCD show with a determination of 1920×1200 pixels. In the engine, there's an Octa-center Snapdragon 450 SoC matched with 3GB of RAM, alongside 32GB of internal capacity. Samsung Galaxy A2 XL specifications also include an 8-megapixel back camera along with sensitive light sensor while the front of this tab will have a 5-megapixel camera. This upcoming tablet by Samsung consists of a 7,300mAh battery that can be quickly charged by means of a micro-USB port. On the product front, you get Android 8.1 Oreo. The tablet will come in both Wi-Fi-just and LTE-empowered flavors (demonstrate numbers SM-T590 and SM-T595 individually).


The new A2 Xl will come with a 7,300mAh battery which will be containing a quick charging feature. This means that the battery of this tablet would give you an ultimate running time and when the batter would be down, the quick charging feature would charge up the battery within no time. The battery of new A2 XL will give you a high running experience which means you actually would never have to stop for a prolonged charging.

Display and Resolution

Beginning with the display of A2 XL, the tablet will consolidate a 10.5-inch LCD show upheld with 1920x1200p determination. The screen also contains a resolution which is high and supports up to 1080p of the resolution. On the other hand, the touch sensors inside the screen are also higher operating and highly sensitive with regard to touch and screen detection.


Samsung Galaxy A2 XL features also includes an 8-megapixel back camera along with sensitive light sensor while the front of this tab will have a 5-megapixel camera. The camera of this upcoming tablet provides ultra HD image quality which a good photographic digital lens inside the camera, which would increase not only the image quality but will also increase the sharpness of the image. This tablet also contains a very powerful flashlight which will possess the function of working in dim light, making the image brighter even if less light.

Sound and Audio Quality

Samsung has always considered having a good sound system due to the fact of good speakers. Samsung had always been good enough with its speakers and audio quality. The sound worth spilling recordings or playing great recreations is noteworthy, however, it doesn't accompany a stereo speaker. The Single speaker with shrewd enhancement will work extremely well. The coordination angles of the speakers in this tablet are well placed inside this new tablet by Samsung to provide a keen experience.  This good quality of speakers in the new A2 XL somehow resembles the sound quality and speaker adjustments of Vivo X21 UD and Lenovo K5 Note. This means that the sounds you would hear on this new tablet would give you an ultimate experience which you probably did not have before.


This high functioning comes with “4G LTE” band which is considered to be the topmost bands when it comes to internet services. To be honest 4G LTE was the best possible option to go for Samsung for the new A2 XL, as other cellular devices in the market such as; Huawei Y5 Prime, and Sony Xperia XZ3 are providing latest 4G LTE band. 4G LTE in A2 XL offers a direct linkage to the digital world while functioning on the 4G LTE band that runs on implausible speed. After all - The sole purpose of Samsung A2 XL Australia is to assist its users with the utmost yet excellent experience while enjoying the best internet speed in the form of cell devices in their hands. 


The new tablet comes with a RAM of 3GB and an internal storage capacity of about 8 GB. The internal storage of this tablet can further be increased with the help of a microSD card, which means you don’t really have to worry about the storage capacity of this tablet. However, there are some rumors that this tablet might also be coming with a high internal storage variable in most parts of the world. But, as far as the latest updates are concerned regarding the new tablets shows that it will possess 8GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM. 


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