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July 26, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch: Best Watch for Health

Samsung always came up with new mobile and watch version like gear spot which was introduced at the end of 2017. Now all of us are waiting with curiosity that what will happen next. Now day’s rumors are around that Samsung is going to release a new watch which will focus on health and fitness according to ongoing rumors. According to current news, Samsung Galaxy watch features will focus on health entirely. We were not sure what was going to be its name is it called Samsung gear sport 2 or Samsung gear S4 but due to a leak luckily we are pretty hopeful it will be called Samsung galaxy watch.

Samsung Galaxy watch Released date in Australia

Samsung Galaxy watch released date in Australia is not known but it is set to get a release until the end of August or until the end of October there is no fixed date but there are various rumors about its release date. There is no confirmation for its release date. But it is a common way of thinking that the things to which people are looking up to are always on time and we hope Samsung Company will act in the same way and it will not upset the waiters.

Samsung Galaxy watch price in Australia

Samsung galaxy watch price in Australia is expected to be AU$499 or more depending upon health features but there is no fix news for the price. Where the Samsung gear 3 price was AU$475 and according to ongoing rumors this watch will have more fitness and health features so it is going to expensive. Price of the watch depending on the features and specifications it will have. With a curve strap screen and focus on fitness rumors like these make it very clear that it is going to be expensive than earlier devices. However, the price of galaxy watch will be less than the price of Applewatch.

Classical feature and specification

Samsung galaxy watch specifications include a longer battery timing due to the PLP manufacturing, compact design and better apps and running software. Without proper software and app technology, the watch won't be appealing to anyone and if it's too large to wear no one feel comfortable to wear it. It will be better to have normal size design and longer battery with indication on the screen showing battery percentage and accurate GPS system so the user can get maximum benefit from it. It is in rumors it is going to have LTE with it and health-focused areas it will be far better and appealing for all types of users.

Size and Color

Samsung galaxy features include color which is going to be silver, black or gold with two different sizes 38mm and 42mm. Size is also called versions of the watch.


Samsung galaxy screen size is expected to be 1.3 inches or more with a strap around it which is related to the news that Samsung is working on the curved screen. It can be said that its screen is somehow similar to the screen of the Huawei Smartwatch and Xiaomi Smartwatch. With a curve screen feature, this watch is going to be very appealing for all users. With health and fitness modification and focused areas according to ongoing rumors, it is believed it will be very beneficial for any user.


Samsung galaxy watch or Samsung Gear 4 is going to have a battery of around 470mAh which can allow watch to have 42 hours to 72 hours battery timing according to the rumors this is evident by the Panel level packaging manufacturing method which allows the chip to take less space increasing are for a bigger battery which will give more battery timing. With such battery timing, it will be a good asset to any user and PLP allow the larger battery to get fit in and it defines how it will have such long battery timing clearing the waiters' confusion.

Blood pressure tracking

Samsung was testing blood pressure tracking in great depth, so it can develop technology to measure blood pressure. According to the company patent it created a method which utilizes the light to measure the blood pressure. For any Blood pressure Patient, it is quite good to have such an accessory which can allow him to be aware of his Blood pressure so he can stay healthy and can do things in a better way. Nowadays 1 of 3 U.S. adults or about an estimate there are 75 million people to have high blood pressure issue so with such innovative feature it will be a great approach for such people. Now the company is waiting for FDA approval and if it got the approval it will be no surprise that it will have this feature.

Compact design

All people are expecting are this time Samsung galaxy watch which is set to get released in August or in October will have more compact design so people can have war it easily, it is normal to think that none of us will like to have large and heavy watch o our wrists so compact design is in rumors and expectation of people for convenience.

More accurate tracking

More accurate tracking in GPS and fitness grounds is a specification which is expected to be and with better GPS system in such a busy life will allow anyone to have fast and accurate directions.


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