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September 13, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch: 7 Days Running Time with 4G Support

Samsung had always been excellent with its smartphones line that has an enormous popularity amongst the people. Now, the smartwatches by Samsung had also started to get much recognition as the smartwatches are considered to be a trendy element these days. With some of the most recent features and advanced technology which allow the smartwatch users to explore some unique features with the advent of Samsung smartwatches. Similar is the case with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 watch as it has better and improved battery timing that can run for up to 7 days which makes this smartwatch an impressive one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch release date Australia was in the month of August, while previously it was thought that Samsung will be releasing the new S4 watch in either September or October. But, Samsung made the release the best choice for users by releasing the smartwatch in the month of August along with the release of its SamsungGalaxyNote9, which was also released in the month of August side by side the S4 watch. Soon after the release of this smartwatch by Samsung, it had given a tough competition to other smartwatches in the market such as the XiaomiAmazfit.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in Australia

Samsung Galaxy S4 price Australia is in between the range of 500 – 600 AUD, however, the price of this smartwatch might change a bit depending on the fact that which variable you are getting this smartwatch in. It is also to be noted that the price of this smartphone is a plus point for this the new S4 watch as its price is less than the price of AppleWatch3. Which makes the new S4 watch more costs effective than the Apple watch. However, the new S4 watch has much-improvised features and technology as compared to SamsungGalaxy S3 Watch.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch specifications include an enormous battery which has the capability of running up to a whole week on a single charge. It also includes;

  • 1.2 inches of screen display
  • Super AMOLED display
  • 49grams of weight
  • Tizen OS 4.0
  • 4G support
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Water resistant
  • Blood Pressure measuring
  • Sleeping cycle measuring

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch vs Apple Watch 3

Both of these watches are made by two of the most valuable brands that have taken the initiative to come up with most of the most amazing gadgets to assist the day to day working of people. Apple had been providing some of the most amazing features along with a better and improved battery time in this new Apple watch. The best news of all is that your Apple Watch 3 will have a similar telephone number as your iPhone, getting rid of one of the greatest grievances of past LTE-empowered smartwatches: juggling different numbers. Apple Watch 3 features also include Non-removable Li-Ion 279mAh battery in 38mm version. It also includes a dual core processor which enables a good speed while processing up different tasks at the same point in time. It also has a Built-in GPS and GLONASS enabling its tracing tasks one of the best. In the Watch 3, the LTE reception apparatus has been pressed in behind the screen, scarcely affecting the gadget's general thickness. While the new S4 watch comes with a better battery time which may run for straight 7 days. It also has 1.2 inches of screen display, Super AMOLED display, 49grams of weight, Tizen OS 4.0, 4G support, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Water resistant, Blood Pressure measuring, and Sleeping cycle measuring.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch Variables and Colours

Samsung Galaxy S4 watch features include color which is going to be silver, black or gold with two different sizes 38mm and 42mm. Size is also called versions of the watch. Which means that people might go with the best choice which will work best for them. Whereas, the colour options for the new S4 watch makes it adorable for users. Moreover, the color combination of this new smartwatch by Samsung is highly rated to the notion of its vibrant colour tone that catches the eye of the people. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch Display

Samsung Watch S4 screen size is about 1.2 inches which extends more with a strap around it which is related to the news that Samsung is working on the curved screen. It can be said that its screen is somehow similar to the screen of the Huawei watchandXiaomi watch. With a curve screen feature, this watch is going to be very appealing for all users. With health and fitness modification and focused areas, it is believed it is very beneficial for any user. This display of this smartwatch is also backed by the super AMOLED display of this smartwatch which enhances the always on display. The “Ring” around the display of this smartwatch also makes back and forth moments which allows easy selecting from the menu or from different modes of this watch.   

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch Tracking the Fitness

More accurate tracking in GPS and fitness grounds is a specification which is expected to be and with better GPS system in such a busy life will allow anyone to have fast and accurate directions. This also helps o track a spot or a location without even looking at the phone again and again. Just wear this smartwatch and add the location on this device and start navigation. Fitness tracking is a very important element which is contained by most of the smartwatches nowadays and as most of the other smartwatches are having this element in their watches then how Samsung can lean back from them.


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