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August 3, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Exciting Features initiates Pre-Orders

Samsung has yet again taken over the smartphone as the preorders of the new Note 9 had initiated. Samsung has never really failed to surprise up with its incredible phone looks and qualities. Samsung has always been successful in jolting the market with innovation smartphones of all times. Samsung is yet again attracting a lot of people into the exciting world of its new Galaxy Note. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a stand-out world cellphone which had been successful in catching the eye of the people of Australia up-till now. One of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features include a double 12MP + 12MP camera with a powerful flash at the back. There's another 8MP forward-looking camera with a good selfie mode, which will enable a set of incredibly high-quality image and video production. The given response to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by the people of Australia had been remarkable and let’s see how much further the hype of Note 9 goes to Australia.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date Australia will be in the month of August (2018) somewhere about 23rd August. However, the launch of Note 9 will on 9th August. Previously, it was said that Note 9 will release in the month of July, but after a bit of a delay, August will be the month of its release.

Samsung Galaxy Note Price in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price Australia will be in between the range of 1100-1400 AUD. according to market experts, the price of Note 9 is slightly more in terms of its features. However, as soon as Note 9 will be coming to Australia it is expected to have a great response from the individuals.


The global model of the Note 9 is additionally filed on Geekbench's database, however, is based on a Snapdragon 845, it was recorded as brandishing an in-house Exynos 9810 CPU, which beat its Snapdragon partner, piling on a solitary and multi-center score of 2737 and 9064, individually. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specifications also include double 12MP + 12MP shooters at the back. There's another 8MP forward-looking camera with a good selfie mode, which will enable a set of incredibly high-quality image and video production. Note 9 also possess an eye detecting technology which supports the face identification on this new note.

Memory and Storage

The new Note 9 contains a high performing RAM of 6GB along with 64/128GB of internal storage capacity, which may also be increased up to 512 GB with the addition of a microSD card. The memory storage of this new smartphone by Samsung provides its users with a good storage capacity in order to maximize the space and as well as workplace diversity.


The new Note 9 have been uncovered in a completely different way, giving an edge to the fundamental shape and outline of this smartphone. This smartphone is available in dark, brown, violet, and blue colors which are based on the demand of people. A folio-style case with an unmistakable front board will be joined by a silicone case, which clearly meets military drop-test models of Note 9. Overall, the design of Note 9 is very interesting making it one of the best-looking smartphone in the market. On the other hand, it is to be mentioned that the look of Note 9 is much similar to some of the other phone of Samsung such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Samsung Galaxy A6. But the design of Note 9 is still very unique which makes people buy this amazing Note from Samsung.

Battery and Charging

Driving the Samsung Universe new Note 9 is its 3850mAh non-removable Li-Particle battery with quick charging innovation. With the quick charging highlight, charging the battery from 0% to 100% shouldn't take up to 2.1 hours. The battery of Note 9 makes it sure that users will get long battery timing and quick charging facility. Let’s just admit the fact that the quick charging by Samsung has not really been ultimately advanced but we should praise Samsung for its new Galaxy Note 9 for having a bit quick charging facility.

Finger Sensor

In spite of Samsung documenting licenses for in-show unique mark examining innovation, spilled case pictures all demonstrate a back mounted unique finger impression sensor on the Note 9. Samsung is said to in any case be enhancing the innovation and really anticipates that it will be prepared for use in 2019.

Initiations of Pre-orders

It is due to the reason of high duty specifications and exciting new features that the pre-orders of Note 9 had been started successfully and with a great hype. It seems like a great number of people had like the new Note 9 and want to buy it in the first place.

4G LTE Band

This amazing smartphone will definitely come with “4G LTE” band which is considered to be the topmost bands when it comes to internet services. To be honest 4G LTE was the best possible option to go for Samsung for its new Galaxy Note 9, as other cellular devices in the market such as; Huawei Y5 Prime, and Sony Xperia XZ3 are providing latest 4G LTE band. 4G LTE in Note 9 offers a direct linkage to the digital world while functioning on the 4G LTE band that runs on implausible speed. After all – the sole purpose of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Australia is to serve its users with the utmost yet excellent experience while enjoying the best internet speed in the form of cell devices in their hands. 


Note 9 has a good performance double 12MP + 12MP cameras along with a powerful flash at the back. There's another 8MP forward-looking camera with a good selfie mode, which will enable a set of incredibly high-quality image and video production. The ultimate speed of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 enables its users to explore high recognition motion sensors in the new smartphone by Samsung. The front selfie camera which has amazing photographic tools and modes.


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