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February 28, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Rumors, Leaks, Suggestions and more

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is perhaps Samsung's biggest and super-powerful flagship smartphone - but Samsung's foldable smartphone “Galaxy Fold” is all set to be released worldwide on April 26th, 2019. However, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Australia, the latest and largest smartphone in the popular big phone Note lineup, have already begun to circulate.

Note 10 from Galaxy can be designed as an entire device whether you are a Note Fan or just looking for an idea for your next phone. Here we have rounded up everything we have heard about Note 10 so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date

Samsung has a special penchant for the August releases, as mentioned in our previous articles. 2018’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9 released in August and Note 8 started hitting shelves in August 2017. Therefore, it’s most likely that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date in Australia will be somewhere in August 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 begins at AU$1599, which is the most basic version of this galaxy. You will get more RAM and better storage in a four-figure territory, however, with the strongest model for eye-watering AU$2099.

This price level has unfortunately been equal since Apple first broke the 4-figure barrier back in October 2017 with the iPhone X. Since prices for smartphones have steadily increased over recent years, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price in Australia is expected to be around AU$2099-2199 or a little more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Features

With Note 9 only released a few months ago, it seems that there are still no tons of rumors. Although, we can guess on quite a few logical points of progress.

Colossal Display

According to Ice Universe (via Twitter),Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is most likely to have a gigantic 6.66-inches screen.

Over the last decade or so, the Note range was consistently one of the largest premium Smartphones on sale worldwide, and one step too long could be a 6.66-in display. However, Ice Universe's statement was that a narrower side ratio would significantly mean that a handset is smaller as compared to its predecessor "Note 9". If it’s to be believed, Note 10's display would be larger as compared to iPhone Xs Max and Google Pixel 3 XL and would be seriously close from phablet into tablet territory.

Pop-Up Selfie Camera

Since Note 10 is a couple of months away, we still have only a first glance at what the next super-sized phablet of Samsung could offer — but the first rumors began to reveal that device was truly revolutionary.

Whilst smartphone brands all over the world test the idea of the hole-punch display replacing the dividing notch, Samsung can use one of the unique elements in the Note Range to entirely bypass the issue. According to an online source, Samsung is trying to add a selfie camera inside the Note 10's S Pen Stylus. Hence there would be no need for a front-facing camera and it'll allow for a true all-screen experience.

The long S Pen shape would also allow an optical zoom to be squeezed into a camera. Operating optical zooms require physical space, and smartphone systems are generally too small to accommodate them, although this is something that some companies have tried to bypass. If Samsung could push an optical zoom into the S Pen that would be a real win for Samsung, but it doesn’t seem easy. What do you say?

3.5mm Headphone Jack Missing

According to Korean outlet ETNews, the handset may also arrive without a standard headphone jack. This is the most important news as Samsung was one of the few leading smartphone manufacturers in recent years to refuse to lose the 3.5mm headphone jack on its newest devices.

OnePlus and Google both caved in on OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 2 respectively and it appears as though Samsung has gone down the same route.

An On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

An on-screen fingerprint sensor would be a consequence of an edge-to-edge screen. The Galaxy S10 has one, whereas numerous Chinese-made smartphones have gone that way already. Huawei’s most expensive smartphone “Porsche Design Mate RS” housed one as did Vivo X21 and Xiaomi Mi 8. The OnePlus 6T, on the other hand, have one as well.

Onboard Components

The successor chip of Exynos 9810 along with a likely 8GB of RAM (at least) and storage of 512GB is also expected. Samsung has codenamed Note 10 as "Da Vinci" which suggests upgrades to the S-Pen or a more creative device with entirely baked components.

There is now a question of a three rear camera - Samsung Galaxy A7 will be equipped with one, and CEO “DJ Koh” said the latest technology will come to their mid-range smartphones before leading-edge models such as Note 10.

Rumored Specifications

There is only a small amount of rumors and leaks surfaced online, as of now. But we can speculate given already released Galaxy Note flagships. Usually, a Galaxy Note phone comes with the latest and biggest Qualcomm processor, and we expect this to be true for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The Note 9 Galaxy offers 6GB or 8GB of RAM and we expect the same amount for Note 10. The onboard storage is maybe similar as well. That’s it, for now!


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