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August 20, 2019

Samsung A-Series The Most Successful Series of 2019

Every year Samsung comes with its innovation and technologies and amaze its followers. The year 2019 is a good year for Samsung as Samsung A-series keep grossing all over the world. At the starting of this year, Samsung introduces new family members in the A-series and the Samsung A10 was the first smartphone to be added in this A-series. After that company expands the series and the last model which was added in the series was Samsung A90. In total 9 smartphones were added in the family which includes Samsung A20, Samsung A30 and Samsung A50 which was the middle smartphone of the family. Samsung A60, Samsung A70, and Samsung A80 are the elder brothers of Samsung A-series.

Where to Buy These Amazing Smartphones?

As Samsung S-series was the most famous series of Samsung which usually comes in a competition of Apple iPhones. And now Samsung A-series ins making the ground in the market of the smartphone as people are using and recommending to purchase such an amazing piece of smartphone manufactured by Samsung. Even though some of the models of this series get shorted due to high demand Samsung A50 in Australia is one of them. The demand for Samsung A50 and Samsung A70 in Australia are on the peak. All the models of Samsung A-series are available in Australia you can purchase it from any online store and if you want to save you the money you can purchase or place your order on the Australian most trustworthy bran which helps you to compare the prices and specs of all the models.

Low-Range Models of Samsung A-Series:

Samsung has divided its series into various categories that are suitable for every person of any age. Let’s the first talk about the low range models of this series. Samsung A10 is the first smartphone which was added into this series not only this is also the first low range smartphone for the people who cannot afford a high price to use all the latest features used in smartphones. Samsung A10 price in Australia ranges from 180 to 280 AUD. The second low range smartphone is Samsung A20 it comes with the little bit advancement in terms of specifications. It is the big brother of Samsung A10 while for those who don’t want a single back camera or want a good battery backup can choose Samsung A20. For the price, the Samsung A20 price in Australia ranges from 250 to 350 AUD. While the last low range smartphone is Samsung A30 which has some enhanced features and specs in terms of camera storage and battery. The Samsung A30 price in Australia ranges from 350 to 450 AUD.

Mid-Range Models of Samsung A-Series:

For the mid-range phones, Samsung A40 is the first mid-range smartphone which is powerful than the A30 and got some amazing features and specs if you want a stylish look and good camera features with the great battery backup you can go with Samsung A40. Whereas the price is a concern the Samsung A40 price in Australia ranges from 400 to 450 AUD. Now here comes the most trending phone in Australia and stand in between the mid of this series Samsung A50. Samsung A50 in Australia is the top-selling model which has handsome features in a handsome amount of price and people are loving it. Samsung A50 Price in Australia ranges from 500 to 600 AUD. While the last model is Samsung A60 which has slightly enhanced features as compared it with the previous one. Samsung A60 price in Australia varies from 450 to 550 AUD which is almost near to A50 smartphone or slightly above than that.

High-Range Models of Samsung A-Series:

Finally, these models are not for the mediocre to buy Samsung introduces three of the last models for the flagship smartphone or for those who loved to experience the new technology. The first flagship model is Samsung A70 which has some of the handsome specs and features which makes it a high-range phone to purchase. Samsung A70 price in Australia ranges from 650 to 750 AUD. The next one is Samsung A80 which is the elder brother of A70 not only in order but also in specifications. As far as the price of A80 is concerned the Samsung A80 price in Australia ranges from 800 to 900 AUD. While the last flagship phone and the last model of this entire successful series in Samsung A90 which is the most advanced and expensive smartphone in this entire series. Samsung A90 price in Australia ranges from 850 to 950 AUD.


 As we have seen all the models of A-series which is the most famous and top trending series of 2019. It provides all kind of phone for all type of persons. As for our point of view if you want to purchase a smartphone from the low-range smartphone you can go for Samsung A10 and if you want to purchase a model from the mid-range phone you can select Samsung A50 and for the last high-range phone you can go with Samsung A90.


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