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December 7, 2018

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review - A Speaker With Voice Commands Remote

Roku is usually known for producing a worthy TV with low prices, now Roku is going to present Roku TV Wireless Speakers in Australia. Which is going to be famous so soon because of its high quality and clear results.

Now adays every LED TV needs a good partner in the form of speakers. Having best-LED results but not able to listen to the sounds quite clearly then its seem you have wasted the time and money. So for getting a full entertainment, you need to get a sound speaker of high quality. 

Almost every day new speakers have been launched to get the attention of the users. Let’s talk about the Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review. Roku is now developing wireless speakers for its TV’s. They have specially designed this wireless speaker for the Roku TV to get the amazing pleasure with the screen and with the sounds. You can watch many of the TV channels using the remote where you can play Netflix Hulu and many other famous channels.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Specifications

  • Channels: Stereo
  • Separate Subwoofer: No Subwoofers
  • Physical Connections: Wireless
  • Bluetooth: Supported
  • Wi-Fi: Not Supported
  • Portable: Not Portable
  • Water-Resistant: Nope
  • Voice Control: Supported Roku Assistant

The Advantage of Roku Wireless Speaker

Roku has produced the amazing wireless spear which is specially designed for the Roku TV’s only. Everyone needs a speaker with a high-quality sound. If you are in the mood of listening to music, then you need the best high quality of speakers which can make you feel good. So this might be the best option for you. It has an amazing sound quality. It can be used as a home theater where you can use it with your smartphone and with the TV. It has a powerful stereo sound. The main thing is that it is wireless you don’t need any physical connection with the TV set. Lesser the wires greater the look of the bedroom. You can play a song and enjoy it without disturbing your neighbors. It is the best economical speaker at the best price to enjoy.   

These Roku wireless speakers have an amazing feature of voice control. It comes with 2 remote one remote is for the Bluetooth connectivity and the second one is for voice control. You can control the settings increase or decrease the volume using the voice commands. You can also change the TV channels just by saying the voice commands to the remote and the rest will be done by Roku Assistant.

The Drawback of Wireless Speaker

Even though it is a best wireless speaker with the amazing sound quality and the best price but still it has some of the drawbacks. Let’s talk about the disadvantages or drawbacks of this wireless speakers. The first drawback of this speaker is that you need a Roku TV for this. Yes, no doubt this is a good quality speaker but for this, you have to be the Owner of Roku TV. This sounds pretty bad because this makes you bound to the only same devices produced by only Roku. Here where many of the customers get sad.

The second drawback is that it doesn’t have have the subwoofer this is again where the music lover or the high bass lovers might get disappointed because after spending so much on the speaker and still it can’t be able to fulfill your expectation this is a heartbreaking moment for you.   

Design, and Specifications 

So now let’s talk about the design of the wireless speaker. Both of the speakers have black color, having a rectangular block shape with the rounded edges which has the height of 6.8 and the width of 4.0 inches for both. The front and sides of the speakers are covered in a grille cloth. The top and back panels of this speaker have a matte black rubber surface. The two satellites for this speaker are identical, with back panels that feature power connectors, power LED and the reset buttons. It also has the screw mounts for putting the speakers on stands or walls for a better placement of it. There is no distinction between left and right speaker’s channels are assigned when you set them up with your TV. It doesn’t define which speaker is left and which is right just turn on the speaker and it will auto assign the alignment of the speakers.

These speakers are based on a stereo channel with no subwoofer which is one of the drawbacks as mention above. As it has one advantage of wireless because nowadays everything now becomes wireless. It doesn’t have the Wi-Fi connectivity which is also a drawback as mentioned above. But It has an amazing functionality of voice commands. The user can also give input as a voice command as mentioned above.

Availability and Price

As this introduces a new feature of voice commands control so you will also try this new amazing gadget. Roku TV Wireless Speakers Price in Australia is AUD 277. Which is quite affordable.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Release Date was October 2018. Now it has been launched worldwide for its customers. The people who will use this gadget will definitely love this due to its voice command ability.


As this is the new type of technology introduced in the wireless speakers by the Roku company. You can enjoy this sort of functionalities if you have purchased the TV set of Roku. The Roku ha specially designed it for its TV set users to get the amazing sound quality while watching movies or channels. So if you don’t have Roku television then don’t buy that because it will be useless for you it is not compatible with any other TV sets. So before buying this gadget read the review first.


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