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February 14, 2018

Outlast 2: Horror Survival Game with Detailed Campaign

Outlast was released in 2013 and the game was filled with horror gameplay and easy to use controls. In this game, the player will have to hide from the creatures in the game. The popularity of the game was short-lived because the game did not have a detailed gameplay. The new outlast game is released on April 25 and has a diverse gameplay.

Even though many gameplay changes are made in this version but you still cannot fight the creatures in the game and this only gives you two options of running or hiding in Outlast 2. This PlayStation 4 game offers the bigger world and you can use different dark places to evade the creatures.

Outlast 2: Game World

As the previous game, you will play the role of Blake Langermann, a journalist who is partnered with his wife, Lynn in the remote areas of Arizona. You will be investigating a stranger murder that occurred in the place and what are the main reasons behind the body being turned up in the middle of nowhere.

outlast game 2

As you are investigating the murder in the game, you will stumble upon an ancient civilization that is filled with crazy people. They are going to hunt you down and you need to escape their wrath and find the solution to the puzzle.

Outlast 2: Camera Work

In the first part of the game, you also needed to capture crucial events and for this, you need to use the camera for a long time. The battery juice was a great issue in the first installment and you were on the constant hunt for new batteries. The camera work has been greatly expanded in the sequel. You need to film the crucial events and the blinking cursor will help you find the important points in the game. You will also find a directional microphone in the camera. The microphone will help you to listen to the enemies when you cannot see them. The microphone works between walls and you can collect information about their meetings easily.

Outlast 2: Stealth Mode

The game needs to be played in the stealth mode as in the game, you cannot overcome the enemies head on. You can use the “peek” action when you are hiding as it will help you to look for clues when you are hiding. The crawl spaces are the best way to hide in the game as these places are harder to detect. Do not get desperate to look for clues relentlessly as you will wind up getting killed and have to complete the same objective again. The game excels best when it comes to intense situations and the best way to play the game is to create distance between the main character and the enemies.

Outlast 2: Verdict

Outlast 2 is an interactive game where you get loose and dense environment and in the game scenario, you will have to use different tools such as peeking, hiding, listening and even crawling to reach your final destination. The campaign provides 10 to 12 hours of game-play. The game has all the elements of an interactive horror game.


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