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July 23, 2018

Oppo R15 Plus: All you need to know about

From past few weeks, Oppo has been all over with its announcement of the release of Oppo R15 plus in Australia. It is best in competition with appealing design and high specs. As Oppo continuous to invest technological section including the camera features, speed, and design so one can look forward to its release.

Oppo R15 Plus Release Date In Australia

Oppo R15 release date in Australia was going to be July 9 but due to a slight delay, it is now going to get released between July and August. Maybe you are waiting for its release on 9th July but now due to change in its release date, you have to wait a little longer.

Oppo R15 Plus Price in Australia

Oppo R15 price in Australia is going to be $659 AUD where considering its specs and its design, it's quite appealing price for any of us who is a fan of Oppo. It is approachable for any person living in Australia. As for the expert views are concerns while considering its specs they all are up to the people expectation with positive remarks.

Features and Specification

Oppo R15 plus specification includes a screen size of6.28 inches and 2280x1080 OLED display it is quite impressive and optimum for entertainment purposes, manage users and normal usage. With such high-resolution people can enjoy the entertaining videos with the best quality detail and with such a large screen it’s more like a mini TV just with high resolution.

Storage Capacity

Any mobile remarkable feature is storage capacity, we all have important documents, videos, chats, messages and apps to store in mobile and it can't be done without a large storage capacity and Oppo R15 Plus it up to the modern standard for any person either he is an office worker or normal person he can store all its essential material in mobile with 128Gb large storage capacity. For any android user its quite appealing standard for anyone.

Memory and Processing Speed

Any mobile handling and its popularity greatly depend on its ability how fast it can process the programs or how fast it is and Oppo R15 plus with RAM of 6GB it is expected that it is going to be very fast, fast enough for office standards and student standards. It doesn't matter whether they are doing writing, editing, designing or searching it is expected to work smoothly.

With slightly-faster Snapdragon 660 processor and 6GB, it is like a golden combination which can operate at extraordinary speed. Speed matters a lot in our time where people don't have much time whether they are students or workers they need to manage their work and it is not possible with slow processing speed which can be very annoying for anyone but Oppo R15 plus is on the mark when it comes to speed.


Nowadays it is very common for any youngster, businessman or any person to take photos or make videos of all events whether it’s a meeting, conference, tours, parties, college events or friendly gatherings it is up to the standards with 20MP front cameras and 16/5MP rear cameras which make it very good for video calling.

With ongoing trend of vlogs and selfies while considering the social apps camera features matter a lot and with the 20MP camera, it is up to the modern standard of the people whether they are bloggers, tourists, students or businessman.


No mobile can be appealing or people choice if it doesn't possess long battery timing and high battery power. With 3450mAH battery it can run multiple apps and programs at once for long timing, even at high brightness it can last longer and with such quality standard in a time where people don't have time to comb their hairs charging your phones is quite annoying but this is not an issue with such battery which gives a better standards for all sort of people in almost all circumstances whether they are travelling, doing office work or students are engaged at continuous online work it can get along.

Water resistant

All of us at least once face rain and we don't even have an umbrella to save yourself and in such cases, our mobile is ruined and for any user, it can't be good but Oppo R15 Plus is water resistant which a remarkable feature for any standard is. Even it’s raining or you forget to take out your phone before going into the pool or you forget your phone in clothes and clothes are washed the Oppo R15 plus will not be affected due to its water resistant ability. For people of the mediocre standard have normal jobs who frequently face such issues can look forward to the Oppo R15 plus as an awesome chance to minimize such issues.

With IP67-rating against water damage, it is up to the modern standard form industrial, marketing and public point of view because due to this remarkable feature it can compete with any other brand.


Any mobile standards are remarkably affected by the audio feature and it matters a lot for the people who used mobile a lot for entertainment and other than this for students it is also necessary that audio output is clear so they can listen to their lectures and necessary stuff easily. Because if audio output is not up to the mark no one found any mobile appealing it doesn't matter how good its other features are. But Oppo R15 plus with an excellent audio output provide all sort of people clear sound output and hearing of the dialogues, speeches, music and all sort of voices.


With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity whether we don't find useful Bluetooth in modern time due to updated apps but not all the time apps can work like when you are working with laptops and you got no internet connections or you are traveling and you have to transfer files at such time speed matters. And with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity features it can transfer files at a good rate better than the previous version of Bluetooth which are quite slow as compared to it. Connectivity of Oppo R15 plus somehow resembles the Bluetooth connectivity of Nokia 6.1 plus, Vivo X21UD, and HuaweiP20Pro.


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