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August 16, 2018

OPPO Find X: Camera Pop-Up and Bezel-Less Display Phone Landed on Stores

After creating an eminent sensation in the market, Oppo has officially announced the price and all availability-details of “Find X”, in the foretaste of its highly illustrious “find” series. Find X was announced and unveiled by Oppo back in the month of July and since then it had been the talk of the town and had also attained many appraisals from smartphone users.  As per the official details released OppoFindXAustralia will be costing an attired price of $1099 (AUD). The price entitlement of Find X had made this smartphone exceedingly anticipated one.

Oppo Find X Release Date in Australia

Oppo Find X release date Australia has been exactly what Oppo said about a month ago which is “16 August”. Previously according to the initial statements proclaimed by Oppo a month ago was that the Find X will be releasing in the Australian market by 16 August. And, being firm on the proclaimed date by the officials of the company, the smartphone got released on that meticulous date which marks a high standard for the punctuality of Oppo while making it one of the most trusted smartphone brand of contemporary times.   

Oppo Find X Availability in Australia

Oppo Find X is now available in the Australian market and is being offered across the entire country. OppoFindXavailabilityAustralia had been an immensely glad moment for smartphone lovers and people who had been waiting for the availability of this amazing smartphone in order to initiate the course of purchasing. It has been expected by the individuals of Australian smartphone market that the overall sale ratio of Find X will be touching the sky for an extensive period of time, which will be serving some brownie points for this smartphone by Oppo.

Oppo Find X Price in Australia

Oppo Find X price Australia is $1099 (AUD),which had been highly appreciated by the people of Australia as the price is astonishing as compared to some of the most over-rated smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Sony Xperia Z4. A retail price of just $1099 (AUD) and the fact of comprising some of the most marvelous features, make the availability of this smartphone a true gem for the smartphone lover.

With an exclusive price of the just launched Find X has made Oppo the most pocket-friendly flagship brand which provides the most interesting and innovative mediums of vastly advanced technology at a very cost that is affordable and immensely pocket-friendly for the individuals.  

Initial Response - Post the Oppo Find X Launch Date

It is due to the factor of some of the most exemplary features that are possessed by this smartphone had enabled the marque to attain an incredible response post the OppoFindXlaunchdate. With the launch of this astonishing smartphone by Oppo, the wait is finally over for the people who highly admired the over-all features of Find X. the launch date was an alerting call for the people of Australia when the company eventually announced the launch and availability of this smartphone in Australia at an attired price.

Find X to Over-Take the Market

With the availability of Find X in Australia, it can be seen that this smartphone will overtake the market of smartphones due to the factors of its high functioning and highly compatible system which provides some of the most amazing specification such as 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage capacity, 6.4 inches of screen display and 25 MP front camera – all this at a very decent price makes this smartphone a highly competitive smartphone in Australia.  

Confirmed Specifications in Australia

• Confirmed Oppo Find X specifications include a 4GB RAM with 128GB of internal storage capacity, 
• An amazing 6.4-inch with 1080×2340 screen display which is altogether amazing and showcases an indication of a gorgeous of Find X standard. 
• This smartphone had stacked with 156.7x74.2x9.6mm measurements which had been upheld by the high screen determining a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. 
• The camera of this newly launched smartphone by Oppo relies upon to amazing double cameras of 16MP + 20MP which are situated on a level plane. 
• Geo-labeling, High Sensors, Face/Grin Location, Scene, and HDR had also been included in this smartphone.  
• The selfie lovers along find this smartphone to be the most amazing one due to the element of its 25MP front camera. The camera empowers users to have an understanding of the most exceptional camera setup which would give a quality-arranged picture with greatest picture sharpness to its client. 
• 3645mAh battery is what this smartphone gets its fuel from, which is a pretty decent power battery in terms of a smartphone like this. 

Design, Display, and Resolution

Find X is a smartphone which is truly a bezel-less smartphone that has a wide gigantic display screen that is free from the notch as compared to AppleiPhoneX. This newly launched smartphone has a huge full-screen display with 6.4 inches of a display screen which will be based on 1080×2340 pixel resolution. This smartphone by Oppo is a gemstone for big screen lovers, as a gigantic size of 6.4 makes it the best option in the market to go for if you are a big screen and bezel-free lover. This smartphone also contains an immensely high display resolution which makes the overall resolution of this smartphone one of the highest definition with ultra-smooth. Due to the reason of its high resolution makes gaming and video experience on this smartphone a wonderful experience to have, where the users will get the opportunity to play high definition and heavy-duty games without any irritating phone hanging. This smartphone has kept some of the most vital features for people who love gaming and video watching a lot.


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