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August 10, 2018

OPPO F9 Pro: Amazing Display with Water Drop Screen

Oppo has become one of the most influential and innovative flagship brands with its new smartphones which are based on latest and high performance operating system. Oppo is once again ready to jolt the market with its new F9 Pro. Previously with the teaser of F9, Oppo grabbed a huge interest level of smartphones lovers and now with the teaser of F9 Pro smartphone lovers cannot wait for its release. The new Oppo F9 Pro Australia has gained a positive and appreciating response, where Oppo is all set to dominate the market with this smartphone.

Oppo F9 Pro Release Date in Australia

Oppo F9 pro release date Australia is said to be in the month of October (2018). Previously it was rumored that the F9 pro will be coming in Australia with the Oppo F9, but now the release of this smartphone is said to be after the release of F9, probably in the month of October. However, soon after the release, this smartphone is said to attract an immunity positive response.

Oppo F9 Pro Price in Australia

Oppo F9 pro price Australia is said to be in between the range of about 800-850, however, the price of this smartphone might increase or decrease a bit according to the Australia market. The price of this smartphone will be less than the price of iPhone 11 Plus.


Oppo F9 pro specifications include a 4GB RAM, an amazing 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen display which is altogether amazing and showcases an indication of a gorgeous of new F9 pro quality. Odds are F9 Professional will be stacked with a traditional 19:9 show measurements which will be upheld by the high screen determining a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels. Talking about its camera, the new F9 pro is relied upon to amazing double cameras of 16MP + 20MP which are situated on a level plane. This smartphone also includes Geo-labeling, High Sensors, Face/Grin Location, Scene, and HDR. The selfie lovers might also get a 25MP camera according to some predictions. The camera will empower users to have an understanding of the most exceptional camera setup which would give a quality-arranged picture with greatest picture sharpness to its client. This smartphone is said to consist of a 3500mAh battery which is a pretty decent power battery in terms of a smartphone like this.


This smartphone will be having blissful camera features, including double cameras of 16MP+20MP with an excellent depth of field. With the camera of this smartphone, you can now change the depth of field while clicking the image and blur the background to bring focus to the person. The front camera of this smartphone is said to be the most vibrant selfie camera of 20MP, which will change the dimensions of selfie-taking. Overall, the camera of this smartphone will be a key factor which will play an important role in the sales of this smartphone. With a high operating camera of this phones makes it sure that individuals to get some of the most amazing camera modes which are very rare to find in most of the smartphones in the market.

Display and resolution

The up-coming F9 pro will be containing 6.3 inches of a display screen which will be based on Super AMOLED display. This smartphone by Oppo is said to be a gem for big screen lovers, as a gigantic size of 6.3 makes it the best option in the market to go for if you are a big screen lover. This smartphone also contains an immensely high display resolution of 1080×2280 which makes the overall resolution of this smartphone one of the highest definition with ultra-smooth. Due to the reason of its high resolution makes gaming on this smartphone a wonderful experience to have, where the users will get the opportunity to play high definition and heavy-duty games without any irritating phone hanging. This smartphone has kept some of the most vital features for people who love gaming a lot. 

Battery and Connectivity

The new F9 packs an abundant performance duty 3500mAh battery which would enable to have maximum battery time. However, this means that you won’t need to change this phone that often. If an individual use this smartphone for the whole day, even then you would not run out of the battery. The smartphone will have the capacity to energize through its USB port and security of this battery is taken care of through a back mounted unique mark battery case. Battery specifications of this smartphone clear that the users might listen to songs, live stream or just make calls but this smartphone would not disappoint the battery expectations of its users. Thus, the battery of this smartphone is slightly more powerful than the battery of LG Q8.


F9 pro comes with “4G LTE” band which is considered to be the topmost bands when it comes to internet services. 4G LTE in A2 lite offers a direct linkage to the digital world while functioning on the 4G LTE band that runs on implausible speed, as the lone purpose of Xiaomi A2 Lite Australia is to assist its users with the utmost yet excellent experience while enjoying the best internet speed in the form of cell devices in their hands.

Audio and Sound

Oppo had always been good enough with its speakers and audio quality. The sound worth spilling recordings or playing great recreations is noteworthy, however, it doesn't accompany a stereo speaker. The Single speaker with shrewd enhancement works extremely well. The coordination angles of this smartphone are well placed inside this new cell-phone to provide a keen experience.  This good quality of speakers in the new F9 pro somehow resembles the sound quality and speaker adjustments of Xiaomi Mi 8X. This means that the sounds you would hear on this new smartphone would give you an ultimate experience which you probably did not have before.


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